Welcome to A.H. Writes! I am so excited to have you here. This is a new journey for me and we will begin it together! For those of you who do not already know, my name is Aundriel, but you may call me A.H., whichever you prefer! You may be wondering where my unique name comes from. Well, I am named after my aunt on my mother’s side. All I know about her is that she was a school teacher. Sadly she was killed. She may be the reason I became a teacher. LOL! She partly has something to do with it! Now on to my passions, which are many.

First of all, I am very passionate about my family. I am a wife of almost 20 years. My husband’s name is Will, and my children are Kayla, Mia, Layauna, Gary, Michael, and Jerimiah. They range from ages 6-18! Kayla, my oldest, just graduated high school this past May. Mia just turned 16. She loves to sing, dance, act, and draw! Layauna loves singing and music in general. Gary and Michael, who I adopted both love wrestling. Jerimiah, who is Gary and Michael’s biological brother loves Veggietales. He is autistic. My next passion is for animals, specifically dogs!

I love all animals. I believe they are very important to mankind and mankind’s survival. My favorite animal is the dog. I had many dogs as a child, but for many reasons, I was unable to keep any long term. Well I set myself a goal. “When I grow up, I will adopt a forever dog!”

When Will and I got married, we adopted Lady. Lady was a terrier/mini pinscher mix. At first everything was awesome, but then Lady began to run away. I mean she ran away all the time. She was like Houdini. She always found a way to escape. My husband and I soon decided to adopt another dog.

We adopted a lab/mix we named Jack. Jack was only eight weeks old. Lady and Jack began to get along and all was well until she started to run away again. She ran away so much that Jack began to run away with her. Over time, I was pregnant with my first child. Unfortunately, I was high risk. With Will being in the Marines, he was hardly home. It was very hard for me to chase after Lady. Finally, we had to make the hard decision of letting her go.

There was not a time when I did not think of her on acres of land just running her little heart out. After Lady was gone, Jack stopped running away. He became my fur baby. I mean he was around before Kayla was born. I loved Jack very much and he loved us, especially the children. He was raised with Kayla, Mia, and Layauna. By May of 2016, it was time for us to say goodbye to Jack. His kidneys gave out on him. I have done many hard times in my life, letting him go was one of the hardest. We said goodbye to our furry friend forever, but he continues to remain in our hearts.

“How could any dog ever replace Jack?” I thought. Well, like many of you, I became a fan of Game of Thrones. I was one who got on the “I want a dire-wolf campaign. One day, Will and I went to the animal shelter. I had no intention of finding any dog, let alone a Siberian husky. That day, we found Jackson. A white husky with blue eyes who had been at the shelter for 30 days. Of course I adopted him, renaming him Romulus. We call him Rome for short. I have owned him now for two years, and guess what? HE RUNS AWAY!!!!! I will not give up on him even though we have to take many precautions to keep him inside of the house. His story continues. Now onto my next passion.

I am passionate about mental health. Though more is being done about the welfare of people’s minds there is more work to do. I, myself suffer from clinical resistant depression. One of my daughters has major depression, and I have a nephew with schizophrenia. Adopting my sons, have also added ADHD and autism to the mix. I spend a lot of time, researching, discussing, and writing about mental disorders and disabilities. Awareness is key. Understanding is key, and reaching out to our fellow neighbors is so important. The final passion I will share today is my passion for writing.

I love writing. Specifically, I love writing fantasy and science fiction. Currently, I am a published author! Palera Dawn, the first book in The Dawn series is out! It was published last November! It follows a young lady name Kalera who actually suffers from depression. An epic journey begins when she awakes in an unknown world she later learns to be the Zaylen Realm. There she finds out that she is the descendant of a group of women who raised and tamed dragons. They were queens, so she to is a queen.

Kalera is a very important character to me. She is the first of many works of fiction I wrote to be published, and she is African American. Why? Well, because times are changing and so is the world. In my opinion, it is so important for African Americans to see ourselves in works of fiction. We can be heroes and heroines to. Why should we not be? This is the 21st century and it is about time.

Again, welcome to A.H. Writes! Did I mention I love dragons!

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