Xavgon The Blue Dragon


I have had a few favorite colors in my life but blue has always brought me serenity. It is for that reason I decided the dragon character in my book Palera Dawn would be, well, blue. Dragons are magnificent creatures of great might and worthy of all worship received. Allow me to introduce to you, Xavgon!

Xavgon is a mighty force bonded to his queen mother Kalera. During most of the story, Kalera is protecting the beast as he is but an egg until hatching! Unlike the dragons from Game of Thrones, you do not have to wait for Xavgon to grow up! He reaches full maturity quite quickly.

As a full adult male dragon, he is blue with claws the colors of the elements of the earth. Xavgon loves his mother and will do anything to protect her. As I am working on book two, Dawn of the Dragon, you will continue to learn more about my blue baby, as I call him.


If you owned a ginormous dragon, what would you do with it?

Stay tuned for some Xavgon artwork by my lovely daughter Mia.

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