Publishing Advice Monday

Image By The Author’s Guild

Dawnies, I am back on a not as hot Monday morning to offer my writers some advice. Well, naturally we should offer advice when we learn new things or we are fooled. As a new author, I was fooled and sold a dream.

It is easy for scammers to get new authors to believe almost anything. After all, all you want to do is to get your book out there. You have worked long and hard and you want a finished product. As an Indie self-publishing author beware of the following:

  1. Cold Calls/Emails- Scammers do this often. They will call you and tell you they found your book or heard about your manuscript (if you uploaded it anywhere) and want to offer you their help. The only thing is their help will include you spending lots of money you may not have.
  2. Marketing Offers- Once your book has been self-published, you will receive calls from so called companies offering to market your book. The only thing is you will have to choose from their packages. Most of the time, you will not get any return on what you paid for. They may not even follow-up once your money has been taken.
  3. All In One Self Publishing Companies- Most of the time this is not true. If you are not a big Random House, most likely you will not offer a true all in one. They will work on your documents for less than a week, and expect you to sign and agree to their half baked services. This includes editing, cover designs, marketing, websites, etc. The bottom line is, it is always best to look for separate services unless you are dealing with a full team. Research! Research! Research!

Join me next Monday for more publishing advice!


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