Blast From The Past Wednesday

Image from IMDb

Dawnies, I am so excited about this post. If you are a lover of fantasy and adventure, you already recognize the image above. Yes! You guessed it. It’s Willow Ufgood! When this film was released in 1988, I was only nine years old.

I remember seeing the trailer and driving my grandfather nuts about wanting to see the movie. You see, I was his odd grandchild who used her imagination. Of course we could not afford to see it in the theaters, so we waited for it to be released on VHS.

When my grandfather found out it had been released, he took me to a store where customers could rent movies. I was super excited because they had Willow! I could not wait to get home. Unfortunately my grandfather’s VCR player (tape player) had broken. I had no way of viewing the film.

Paw Paw tried his best to get it fixed. He was unable to, so we had to return the tape to the store. It took a few months to get the player working again. By that time, I had almost forgotten about Willow. I had moved on, but Paw Paw had not.

My grandfather checked me out of school a little early on this particular day. We went for ice cream and lunch. When we got home, he had the VCR ready to go. He popped us some popcorn on the stove and we watched Willow!

Willow delivers an enchanting story of a dwarf whose children find a baby (Elora Danan) down by the river. He soon finds out that the child is special because she can rid of world of evil, specifically the evil Queen Bavmorda who had her soldiers on the hunt for the child. Willow takes the baby on a journey to keep her safe. His task is to find a responsible person who would take good care of Elora. Joined by allies, Madmartigan, Fin Raziel, and Brownies (tiny people), Rajean and Rool, Willow is determined to keep Elora safe so that she can grow up and fulfill her destiny.


Check out the awesomeness of the trailer above. Willow was enhanced with many extras. It is definitely worth watching with your children as I have. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and your blast from the past, Willow.

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