Mythological Feature Creature Friday

Image by Pottermore


I have had an exciting week mapping out a daily shareable. After speaking to a friend, a decision has been made. Fridays will be devoted to mythological creatures. Talk about buzz. I have been buzzing all day. Today, my friends are mythological creatures feature Friday! We will begin with one of my favorites, the Centaur.

In Greek mythology, Centaurs were considered to be half man and half horse. To think of centaurs was to think of Dionysus, the God of wine. They followed after this God, and thus was known for being rowdy and at times savage.


Different research relates to different myths. According to Greek Gods and Goddesses, Centaurs are the offspring of King Ixion who mated with a nymph who shared the likeness of Hera. Left on Mount Pelion, they were nursed by the immortal daughters of Chiron.

Mark Cartwright of The Ancient History Encyclopedia informs that centaurs lived in the forest of Thessaly beyond the laws of man. Actually, in Thessaly, men hunted bulls on horseback. Centaur originally meant bull killer. They may have been seen as one with their horse thus the myth was born.


There are a couple of known centaurs. Chiron was the first. Chiron had the reputation of being the most civilized centaur. He was an advisor to Peleus. Myths also place him at the King’s wedding. They were so impressed with him that they entrusted their son, Achilles to Chiron for his adolescent education.

Pholos, was a centaur who lived in a cave in Mount Pelion. According to Mystic Games, Pholos was a friend to Hercules. It is said that Pholos offered Hercules wine. The smell of wine caused other centaurs to gather outside of the cave. A fight broke out and Hercules killed most of them. After, Pholos was looking over one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows when it fell on Pholos’ foot and killed him. What a dismal end for this guy.

Nessos was a centaur with an unknown homeland. All we know is that he fled from it. He was a ferryman where he met Deianeira. He carried her across the river on his back. He was so smitten with her beauty that he was enraged with passion. Unfortunately, he tried to violate her. Hercules who had married her by this time heard her cries and slewed Nessos with one of his arrows. Another tragic end.

Image by Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

More recently, Harry Potter fans (I am a fan myself), remember Harry meeting the centaur Firenze. Firenze lived in the Forbidden Forest. When Harry happens upon Voldemort eating a unicorn, Firenze steps in and saves him from the Dark Lord.

Part two of the Dawn Series will feature a centaur, only in my story, they are known as Kales. His name is Kooloan, and I am very excited to write these creatures into the storyline.

I hope you have enjoyed mythological feature creatures Friday. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @authorahwashington.

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