Publishing Advice Monday: Reviews

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I hope you had a wonderful, restful weekend! Ready or not, it is Monday! I can tell you I was not ready for today, but I went into work and now on to what I love doing most of all, writing to you!

There are many elephants in the room when it comes to the realm of publishing. Reviews are, in my opinion, elephants in the room. They are needed and can aid in sales.

Many of us do not have a lot of friends or family we can go to for reviews (On Amazon, you are not allowed to have friends and family write reviews unless they are under the editorial review section). So the question is, how do I get reviews?

Identify Your Audience:

Researching book bloggers who offer reviews in your genre is the way to start(at least four months before your release date).

Once you locate genre-specific blogs, you want to make sure they are current. Looking at the dates or monitoring the traffic of the site will give you that information.

Submission Policies:

I cannot stress enough the importance of reading submissions policies for review bloggers/sites. By doing so, you are showing them you respect their time and appreciate them doing you a solid. You will also find out if they are open to submissions by reading their policy.


Are you serious? I have to write a pitch? Yes! Please do not just simply email or send a link to your book to a reviewer. Remember, they are busy people just as we are. When writing your pitch, make sure you individualize it. Do not send bulk pitches. You want them to feel unique, and that the individual is finding the next big thing.

In your pitch, you want to provide the title of your book, your cover, publisher, release date, and genre in the first paragraph. Also, let them know you enjoyed their review of a book they reviewed (individualization). In the second paragraph, you want to provide your book’s description. Finally, you want to be direct and ask for a review.

Before sending out the actual book, make sure it’s review ready. Make sure it is formatted correctly and free of errors!


Give at least two weeks before following up with a friendly reminder of your submission. Maybe give them a call if you believe your book really warrants the review. Do not constantly email and call. You do not want to become known as an aggressive author. If they do not reply, you have your answer.

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