Mythological Feature Creature Friday: Dragons

Image by Thought

Hello Dawnies,

It has been a very long week. As some of you may know, I am a Special Education teacher by day. I work with students who have learning disabilities, autism, and emotional behavior disorders. This week has been the week to prepare for next week when school begins on Monday! I have missed you, and I am very excited about featuring the mythological creature, dragons.

So where did dragons come from? Most of us know the Chinese New Year begins with the Year of the Dragon. Dragons appear in folklore from many cultures around the world. Dragons are depicted as winged creatures with scales that breathe fire with origins from Europe, Africa, Eastern, Western and Southern Asia.

More specifically, animals that once lived are represented in dragons. According to, a Chinese historian from the 4th Century B.C. mislabeled dinosaur bones as dragons. The Nile Crocodile inspired European legends by swimming across the Mediterranean to Italy or Greece. Goannas, native to Australia are large lizards with razor-sharp claws and teeth. These animals were key in Aboriginal folklore. Outside of folklore and cultures scientist believe dragons were made up by the human mind because of their fear of predators.

In more modern times dragons are more revered and loved than feared. Most authors write in dragon characters that are beneficial to humans in addition to being feared. They are seen as a protagonist that can help bring stability and peace alongside their human companion.

Image and Quote by A.H. Washington

One of my favorite quotes is by J.RR. Tolkien. “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” I love dragons and wish they were real, so as an author, I choose to bring them to life in The Dawn Series.

Thank you for reading. Check out my post from Creative Tuesday and let me know what you think about excerpts from Dawn of the Dragon. Your suggestions are taken seriously. You are also welcome to follow me on Wattpad where I update the series.

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