Publishing Advice Monday: Plot Points

Image by Reedsy


Welcome to Publishing Advice Mondays. Again, publishing advice is meant to give you a place to find summarized information about all things publishing (including what publishers are looking for). Today, we are going to go over story structure beginning with plot points.

The first plot point should show up around the 25% mark of your book. By this point, your character should be locked into his or her conflict.

Some Common Plot Points:

Trapped-For example the main character and companions are trying to escape a pack of wild dogs, and they step on leaves and fall into a hole. Now they are trapped and forced to face the wild dogs inside the hole as the dogs have jumped into it.

Obligation- The character feels that he or she must make a specific decision or go to a specific place in order to stop the antagonist.

Ultimatum- The character is forced to make a decision or go to a specific place because the antagonist has placed them in a difficult position. For example, the main character’s daughter is kidnapped. The character is asked to pay one million dollars or her daughter will be killed.

Persued-Someone/antagonist is chasing the main character.

Next time we will discuss the Midpoint.

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