Conning Around: Dragon Con

Normally Wednesdays are reserved for Blast from the Past, but not today. This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to once again attend Atlanta’s largest yearly con, Dragon Con. Yes. Attending is a ritual of mine. I have attended every year for ten years.


In 1987 Dragon Con began its humble beginnings from a local science fiction gaming group known as Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role Players. It took place at a very small hotel and drew only 1400 fans.

By 1989, the convention nearly doubled drawing 2400 fans. In 1990, the convention had doubled again, added a Comics Expo, hosted the Origins convention, this time with Guest of Honor Tom Clancy, and expanded to include the Atlanta Sheraton hotel. In 1991 the first “Robot Battles” robotic competition event was added to the list of Dragon*Con events, making it the second oldest robotic competition event in the world. Soon it would add the North American Science Fiction Convention, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dragon Con quickly grew to include films, music, gaming, art, and the International Starfleet Conference. That conference brought with it the first Klingon Beauty Pageant.

As time moved on so did the con. In the early 2000s horror, young adult literature, costuming, and independent films were added to the tracks. More and more people attended as guest list grew to include people such as Stan Lee in 2010 (whom I met).

In 2017 40,000 people attended the con which is currently hosted by the Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Western, and America’s Mart (hosting vendors).

My Con Adventure:

My adventure began early Saturday morning. My daughters and I parked at Georgia Pacific’s Parking Garage to begin our journey.

Of course, we had to park our dragons in another realm! We made our way to America’s Mart where we ventured to different venders. Of course, I met David Pancake, a dragon designer. He literally sculpts live like dragon heads. I was blown away.

There were T-shirts, toys, art, bags, swords, costumes, props, you name it, it was being sold. I truly enjoyed our time spending money!

After we left the market, we ventured over to the Hyatt where we sat in on a panel about dragon history in culture. A connection was made from dragons to animals to literature. They even discussed the use of the name dragon as the power to overcome fear and anxiety.

Two hours later we marched on over to the Sheraton where we hung out with connies in cosplay.

Talk about a blast!

As we attended panels and parties into the dusk, I thought about next year. I am truly hoping to attend for my 11th time as a vendor. I would like to showcase Palera Dawn and Dawn of the Dragon. I would also like to sell original art and merchandise connected to the series and fantasy in general.

I hope you enjoy the images and consider attending next year!

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