Publishing Advice Monday: Plot Points

Image By Fiona Jayde


I am so excited to get back to what I love today! It is Monday, so let’s continue plot points.

I have shared with you the first plot point and the midpoint. Today we will dive into the second plot point and the climax.

The second plot point is meant to build up the protagonist because of his or her actions since the midpoint has caused a problem or disaster. He or she is more determined to reach his or her goal. It is the final injection of new information. This point should be introduced once you have written about 75% of your book. By this point, the protagonist receives what he or she needs in order to defeat the antagonist. This is the final event that rushes the protagonist into the climax. Many trails will be faced by the character following this new information. Any new information introduced after this point must have already been at play, set up, or foreshadowed. Basically, the clues must have been laid before reaching this point.


The Philosopher’s Stone: Harry encounters Voldemort in the Dark Woods. Voldemort tries to kill Harry, but a centaur rescues Harry. Harry will have to confront Voldemort at some point if he’s going to survive.

Twilight: A vampire is going to go after Bella for her blood, and Bella must leave Forks. Bella wants to survive.

The Martian: Mark leaves his base for the final time and has to cover 3000 km in a hostile environment. If he misses the window for the crew to pick him up, he’ll die on Mars. This is a serious motivation.


The final showdown for the main character occurs here. The character will either achieve or not achieve his or her goal. Will there be a happy ending? Here is where the protagonist should face the antagonist. Tensions are high. At least the problem should be solved or nearly solved.

Dawnies, these points are extremely important. The way it is written can make or break your story. My suggestion is to always use a developmental editor to make sure plots are aligning and the story is moving forward.

Speaking of story, I hope you find this information useful, and I hope you enjoy the concept art for the cover of Dawn of The Dragon.

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