Dawning Fantasy

Sample Copy of Cover Concept Art

I remember a dream I once had on a Friday night two years ago. In my dream, I was standing on top of Mount Etna looking out to the great beyond while whispering in an unknown language. Uttering several words, I closed my eyes and leaped. As I plummeted into Etna I could see my love ones pleading with me. By now it was too late for I had taken my descend just before the dawn.

Accepting my fate, I begin to pray. Suddenly, I would ascend. Beyond the clouds would I fly atop a grand beast. In and out of the landscape we soured for what seemed hours before taking a dive towards the earth.

I slid down his massive wing with no fear. Two feet on solid ground, I glared into the fierce eyes of my rescuer. Lowering his head towards me, he kissed my forehead, turned, and looked towards the land and my eyes followed only to see horror.

Men, women, and children were shackled and being loaded onto massive ships. The beast clearly upset scoops me up and ascends towards the ships. Hovering over them, he turns to look at me.

“These are your people. Set them free.”

At this point I open my eyes. I had not long before lost my brother so I thought about what the dream could possibly mean. Many meanings entered my mind. Was it Xavier using a mythical creature I love to ignite me to social injustice causes? Maybe I needed to break my bondage of depression. Either way I knew I wanted to capture what I had seen because unlike other dreams this one seemed to stick with me.

Two months later, I sat down at my desk and begin to journal. I wrote about the dream in explicit detail. As my eyes begin to water, it came to me. Do what you love. Write! But not just here. Go back to stories that brought you solace as a child. When life poisened me, my imagination broke free.

From the dirt of grief, Kalera was born. Parts of my story shaped the character who would soon be known as Palera Dawn.

Palera Dawn, follows a young lady who needed to escape inner darkness.

Kalera doesn’t think life is worth living. After years of self-loathing, her mother’s overdose pushes her past the edge, into attempted suicide and electro-convulsion therapy. But when she wakes, she’s shocked to find herself in a surreal land ruled by a vicious tyrant who wields evil sorcery. Infuriated by the inhabitants’ enslavement, she teams with her real-life boyfriend’s doppelgänger to battle oppression. And when she discovers she’s descended from the rightful rulers and a mother of dragons, she vows to take back the realm. But the kingdom’s only hope may rest with a strange stone that burns everyone but her.

After six months of character, world, and plot building I decided to edit and publish the story. Now I am writing Dawn of the Dragon which follows Kalera as she once again tries to save the realm. Only this time, she fully embraces who she is as a warrior and liberator.

One dream became a fantasy from my mind to turning pages. The story won’t end after Palera is retired. My goal is to fill the shelves of all fantasy seekers, lovers, and dreamers.

Above is a cropped image of the cover for Dawn of the Dragon. I released concept art for the cover in a prevous post. The cover has finally been completed and I looked forward to sharing it with everyone, and I will keep you updated.

Let’s push Palera Dawn and her dragon Xavgon into the world of worlds. Help me spread the word Dawnies.

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From Dawn of the Dragon:

From the pits of Mason have I come to you in Thaves. The whispers are true and I stand before you not only as your Palera Dawn but as an equal. For we are the same. Look at me, I am you and I declare your freedom! Together we will take back what is rightfully yours. Your right to choose has entered this realm of darkness and shame. All you need do is disobey those who have chained you, branded you, sold you, stripped you, and murdered you! They have no power over you for I will strip them of their whips and chains. The bondage of injustice and evil has fallen. No longer will you cry out in fear and suffering. For if you choose, it ends today. Today is a new day. On this day, stand tall and bold as you never have before. Believe in me and you shall be free!


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