Write on Purpose

Let’s face it. Most authorpreneurs hold down full-time jobs and careers. Our lives are filled with must-dos. Those things are important because our families depend on us. We depend on us! But what happens when our very lives get in the way of our dreams of one day solely depending on our writing to make a living? I am facing that very threat right now and I know I am not alone. For that reason, we must write on purpose!

To begin, you must set a goal for the week. A simple brainstorming graphic organizer will do. Map out one goal for each day of the week, if you are so bold, or map out two to three goals for the week depending on your schedule and life load. Be very specific with your goals. If need be, create achievable objectives that will help you meet your goal. The formula is simple, I will, x to y by when.

For example, if you are working on your manuscript for a work of fiction or nonfiction you may want to set a goal to write three chapters this week. That is considered your overall goal. How will you meet that goal? What will you do? Well, write three objectives to support progress. On Monday, I will brainstorm chapter five by mapping it out using graphic organizers for one hour. By Tuesday, I will draft chapter five for two hours (remember this is an example). On Thursday, I will brainstorm for chapter six and begin drafting on Friday. Finally, I will brainstorm for chapter seven on Saturday and begin drafting Sunday.

By Wednesday, progress monitor your goal. Did you brainstorm chapter five on Monday? Did you draft it? If you fell short, you may want to rethink your goal and only work on one chapter this week. Remember the purpose here is to make sure your goal is achievable. Setting your goal is the first step, but planning the time in advance is just as important.

Planning as far ahead as you can in advance will be a game-changer. Think, what changes will I need to make in order to meet my goal? Think, is there a specific place or objects needed for me to meet my goal? Prepare those things in advance. If you need to write in seclusion, book a hotel room in advance. Write out your plan and be sure to revisit it in order to connect to your goal. Failing to plan will lead down a path to not meeting your set expectations. Finally, write on purpose.

Whether your goal is to blog four days a week or to complete your short stories or novel, have a purpose. Why am I writing? Who am I writing for? What is my long term goal for my writing? If your goal is to offer editing services, then write a piece containing mistakes and use editing tools to show corrections made to a written sample and place it on your blog. If you are writing to grow your fan base, sell yourself. People want to know who you are as a human being first. If you are a teacher and you want to help other teachers write effective and meaningful lesson plans, build your plans from research-based and research-validated information. Offer tutorials through webinars, etc. But have a purpose.

Remember, life will get in the way, but we must do all we can to follow our dreams of one day sitting at our computers producing the best material for our fans and customers.

I hope this advice has been meaningful to you. Don’t forget to follow me on Wattpad for updates to Dawn of the Dragon’s draft. Leave comments and suggestions.


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