The Strength of a Dragon:

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Strength is more than physical. It’s mental and emotional. Dragons have brute force but they are also very cunning. We are all strong, Dawnies. You don’t need claws or muscles to prove it as I once thought. Choose who you are even in the most difficult times. Those times define us. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small, pull your strength from within.

When people laugh and smile in your face, but dig deep into your wounds, pull from who you are. Know that no matter what, those who will harm you will learn your true character, grit, and power. Situations that will befall you, will someday bring you to your very purpose in the world.

Love is sometimes the death of duty and regret, but know you make choices with the information that you have at the time. We do the best we can and hope others follow suit. There are times when we will fall, but it not how hard the stone cracks your body, but the force you wield, as you look upon stone broken into pieces. This is not easy Dawnies, but it is required of us all none the less.

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