A Dragon is Blue

Art: Nightfire By Neytirix

A dragon is blue or so they say it is true.

Clear as the sky or deep as the ocean.

Cunning and brute for me and you.

Telling a story not easy to tell of how the winged master fell to hell.

Without its wings, the blue turns to black.

Being insightful about what he lacks.

The blue dragon grins boiling within.

Bringing with him the wrath of daily sins.

He huffs and he puffs taking the air inside.

Deciding not to hide.

His power he blows.

And all the earth now froze.

Nothing can stop his ocean blue from judging this world.

Except for the one whose magic can heal his wings.

Making the dragon whole again.

The one touches and he takes flight relieving the earth of the dark night.

The blue dragon now grateful rides unblocking the sun.

Melting the ice formed allowing the falls to once again run.

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