Epilepsy Within Me

Image By: AANS

I am a conqueror and I will not accept defeat. Dawnies, I have been missing you for the last two weeks have brought back to the center of my life a disease I have possessed within me since birth, epilepsy. For some time this disease has been dormant, but now it has awakened. I would be lying if I was to say everything is great for this last event has taken something from me, but I cannot let it take me.

As you all know, I am working on Dawn of the Dragon, and as it nears its ending, I suffered an attack. This episode was different. After going through normal effects (confusion, headaches, extreme tiredness), something new. Now, it is normal to forget certain things after seizures, but forgetting things not stored in long term memory has never occurred. My short term memory has been compromised.

At first, I thought it was just normal forgetting, but the last three weeks have been unbearing. It is as if I have forgotten my own name in a sense. I can’t remember anything. Talk about the most frustrating feeling, the unknown. Now, my doctor has prescribed new medication and has run several tests (including a sleep study). The goal is to not have any more seizures any time soon so that things won’t get worse.

Meds, keep this monster at bay is all I ask. For those of you who believe, drop a prayer or two off for me. As for epilepsy, why not spread awareness. Epilepsy is a neurological disease. The disease itself can occur because due to premature birth (my case), head trauma, disease, alcohol or drug abuse, stress, sleep deprivation, strokes, and in some cases causes unknown.




Jerk, Twitches, Violent Shaking

Picking or Lip Smacking

How Eplispy is Diagnosed:

EEGs monitor brain activity. The electrodes are connected to the head showing a picture of what is going on inside of the brain. Genetic panels are performed as the disease can also be genetic. With a proper diagnosis, doctors can plan for treatment.

A proper treatment plan is very important for more people die a year of seizure-related accidents than women who die of breast cancer. More men than woman have the disease, and at least. 45,000 children a year are diagnosed.

Dawnies, I am hoping for the best outcome. I need my brain.

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