A Blast From The Past

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“There can be no good without evil, no love without hate, life needs death.” If you are an 80’s fantasy fan girl or guy, you have guessed this quote is from Ridley Scott’s 1985 movie Legend.

Legend stared Tom Cruise and Mia Sara which follows Mia’s character, Lilly. Lilly unknowingly puts unicorns (protectors of the light) in danger when she touches them. How does she find them? Well, Tom Cruise’s character, Jack is in love with Lilly, so he brings her deep into the forest where they dwell. This movie did not receive the best reviews from critics. One critic calls it an uneven plot with boring comic relief.

I was very young when the movie was released, so I loved it. The Darkness, Tim Curry, who in my opinion was amazing, didn’t scare me. I fell in love with the world, make-up, and settings. This film had an impact on me as a young child. My imagination grew wilder and wilder as I would draw myself in the forest with unicorns though black girls had not been seen in the ’80s with unicorns.

This past weekend my 16 years old and I watched Legend. It was her first time viewing the film. She enjoyed the world and wish there had been some vocals in the film. My daughter gave the movie three stars for special effects and great make-up. Who were her favorite characters? You guessed it, the dang unicorns!


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