Creative Tuesday: Short Story Excerpt:

Image By Pingtree

Dawnies I hope all is well. Recently, I began writing a series of short stories. Enjoy!

Death! Such a pungent odor I can’t escape. The Crems can no longer keep up with the high body counts. For every cremated corpse, ten more are waiting for its turn on the pile. My team and I are working as hard and fast as we can, but there are many of them and a hand full of us.

Blinded by the sights beyond the wall, but not deaf to it are the screams of men and women on the front line of battle. It is the year 2099, and the world has been at war for the past 50 years.

“Dr. Una, this man is losing a lot of blood!” Nurse Chay yells as she connects him to a life pod.

Within seconds the pod flat lines.

“There is nothing more that can be done for him.” I whisper.

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