Excerpt: Dawn of The Dragon

I do not own the rights to this image.

Sharing my excerpts with you is even more important to me. Kalera continues to face uncertainty, but she gathers strength. All of us face uncertainty, but we continue to gather strength. Right now we are living in a moment in our time. It is what it is, a moment that will not last forever. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. Leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comment section.



I scream while crumbling the bones of enforcers lining the hall leading to Ager’s chamber. Forcing open the door to find Ager on his knees in front of a shrine to Rose. This was different. He has never prayed before.

 None the less, I approach him.


Striking him across the back of his head.

“Get up!” I order.

“She killed them! That bitch killed Stra and Dilda.” I scream.

Startled. Ager rises to his feet, glaring outside of his door.

“If you don’t stop killing my enforcers, you will join them!” He exclaims.

I am sorry my King. Will you forgive me?” I ask.

“Of course.” He says before grabbing hold to me and kissing me.

I return the favor as his kiss ignites a fire between us, but there is no time for this so I pull away.

“We must deliver on your promise to Boilos. Bring him her head!” I say.

“He wants her alive; I will deliver. Just keep the ten-strong enough to hold him and his morphs at the wall. Let me worry about Palera Dawn.

Two Dreds enter and stand as statues by the door. Never has my King entertained them before. Not as long as I have been by his side.

“What are they doing here? Where are you going?” I command.

“To deliver.” He responds with a smirk. 

Mount Mahar:

Escalating through the spectrum clouds brings neutrality. Just for a moment, I wanted not to care about the dilemma of the realm nor mine. I wanted to behold my students again. Seeing myself in front of their inquisitive faces with Musfall handing out native candies brings a smile. 

Xavgon lands in a grove of trees near the foot of the mountain. Sliding down, I take in the wonder of Mahar.  Dragon trees reflecting the spectrum lines the terrain. Two massive transparent falls we behold as I take notice of the native creatures inside. They glow blue and sparkle like raining glitter.


Sounds Rome as I realize he had not barked in a long while. Xavgon places my sacks on the ground then opens his mouth releasing the elementos onto a bed of tolean cloth. Carefully, I tie bowline knots securing them.

“I don’t want to leave you mother.” Xavgon says.

“I know, but people in the other realms may not believe without you. You will stand as a witness and guard for our friends. I will not allow us to bond while I am here. I need your thoughts clear for what lies ahead.” I reply.

“Promise me if you need me, you will reconnect.” He says.

“I promise.” I respond.

Closing my eyes, I kiss his face and press my forehead against his nostrils. Stepping back, my blue scaled son takes to the sky.

Looking to Rome, I smile as the eggs quake. Placing my hands over them, I close my eyes assuring them.

Retrieving Hiddard’s map, we proceed north.

There have been many lights but no moons. Darkness does not befall here, but we have been traveling for some time. Finally, we reach the mark where the map ends and there is nothing but a lake and a massive wall.

“I guess we will rest here for now.” I say to Rome as he turns his attention towards the lake.

This body of water is different than the rest for it is murky. Rome steps closer towards it then rushes back.

“What is it boy?” I ask.

He seems uneasy but I feel nothing. Then stillness. The water becomes perfectly still. Rome looks to the sky howls then turns to me as a pair of massive, long tentacles snatch him into the lake.

I scream as a colorful spider looking creature lifts and lowers Rome violently. Reaching into my core, but nothing. My powers are gone. How am I to help my friend? Fearing for the eggs, I place them under several roots and retrieve my sword. They begin to glow, but I had to help him. He cries out as I jump into the water after him.

 I swing slitting the tentacles, but they grow back. First two, then four. And more. The more I cut the more it protrudes as Rome’s coat is red. I quickly jump onto its face gouging at its eyes, but they remain. This thing is unstoppable. Just as I go for the eyes again, it spews out a black liquid from its mouth. The liquid engulfs me as I fall into the water.

I grow weak as a cloud of gas surrounds me, then from a distance, I see a silhouette as my eyes are heavy and I begin to sink into the deep, dark, and beyond. 

Jumping up, I take a deep breath releasing it quickly as Rome rushes to me licking a wound on my right shoulder. Happy to see him, I kiss the top of his head and notice several sutures on his body as I lift myself from the dirt. 

“The eggs!” My thoughts havoc.

“The eggs are here.” A familiar voice calls.

I turn to see a woman sitting in front of a fire inside of this dark cave.

“Beautiful creatures they are. I begin to believe, I would never lay eyes on them again. Yet here they are. Here you are.” She says.

Cautiously, I make my way towards her as she runs her hands over the elementos. Standing above her, she rises. Her hair more course than mine mated into locks as long as her arms. Her skin as ebony, and her eyes red as blood.

Lifting her hand to my face she utters…

“Kalera it has been so long. I have almost forgotten what you look like. My love. My sweet dragonet.”

Taking my hands, a shock fills me.

“You have no powers here. You get used to it, grow stronger, and persevere.” She assures.

I wanted to ask a question, but I was afraid of the answer.

“The elementos are ready. They have been ready for a long time.” She says.

“I was told that I need to destroy them.” I reply.

“Is that why you are here?” She asks.

“No.” I answer.

“Good.” She responds.

“Thank you.” I reply.

“For what?” She asks.

“Saving us.” I reply.

“What else would a mother do, but save her young?” She responds.

Thus it was. The answer to my question.

“Yes Kalera. I am Palera Dawn. Queen of Zaylen, Reville of Old, and yes a Mother of Dragons.” She announces.

Oceans release from my eyes as I embrace her as hard as I could. Then I look upon her face to see Fredrica, my mother. My heart begins to race and my body heats from its core.

“My mother…”

“You have had many mothers my daughter and many lives. You can’t remember them all. The spell that befell you only allowed you to remember the family you bonded with. You have been through many dispensations of time. I had to keep him from finding you.” She interrupts.

“You expect me to believe that I am some kind of immortal.” I cry.

“Your father is. I created him through …”

“Yes. I heard the story.” I interrupt.

“He was once good, but corrupt by a God I refuse to name. It was my punishment for creating him.Kalera she took me under her protection after Brogo could no longer protect me.I grew in a great city free from the outside world. I was raised there by Shellions who were good. But like all creations, some lose their way, and I followed. I went against the number one rule because I longed to be loved in a way the Shellions could not love me. My creation was love and for many moons he was everything. And then he gave me you. The outside world was in chaos, so she took him to do her work, and when he returned he was no longer the man I loved nor the man who loved me. He became a bloodthirsty monster.” She explains.

“He is alive, and he is going to destroy the world. All of it. Including this place.” I respond.

“He believes I am as dead as he left me. But she saved me because she knew at some moment you would need me. I am only here for that moment.” She claims.

“Why didn’t she kill him? She is a God.” I ask.

“I cannot answer that question.” She replies.

“Can’t or won’t?” I inquire.

“Kalera Please.”

“As far as I am concerned my mother is dead. And I would like to keep it that way.” I command.

“As you wish.” She cries. 

A crystal grabs my attention.

“What is that?” I ask.

“It is the only piece of the dimension keeper I have left. It helped me keep you on the move, but a piece of it was stolen by an earth human a long time ago.” She replies.

“Nothing works here, remember.” She says.

“This is the reason. My friends believe killing the elementos here would bring Boilos to his end, but they are wrong. It is in this place. This land will strip him of all his power. Then I can kill him.” I say with all confidence.

“You may be on to something. I am trapped here, but you are not. How will we get him here?” Palera asks.

“Leave that to me.” A voice in the dark speaks. 

The excerpts are out of order. If you would like to read the drafts in order, you are welcome to join me on Wattpad. See the link below. It takes about two minutes to join for free. There you are able to actively participate with me in the drafting process. Revisions are being updated as the book nears completion. Of course, the final revisions will be left for the release, but who knows, your suggestions may find its way in the final draft for beta readers. If you would like to become a beta reader, leave a comment. Take care Dawnies!


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