Prologue: Stand Down: Dawn of The Dragon

Dawnies, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I was down for a bit but now I am back. I received some feedback a couple of weeks ago from readers suggesting I add my excerpts drafts in chapter order to my blog. Though some love Wattpad, others are not interested. Thanks for the feedback.

With that being said, I would like to update everyone that Dawn of The Dragon is in the hands of my editor. The chapters released to you are revised draft chapters. The final published work will be released via Ingramspark and Amazon mid July, fingers crossed.

Until then, I will add one or two chapters per week to my blog as requested. I hope you enjoy and please leave your feedback, and who knows your suggestions may end up in the final published copy.

Prologue: Stand Down

Xavgon’s roar was as Armageddon as he landed on Sugar Bowl Drive. With a one-hundred-foot wingspan, his shadow blotted out the sun. Wind from his mouth forced cars, trucks, and semis on their sides. The chief of police had called on the National Guard. They rope themselves around large pillars as Kalera rubs her hands across his large forehead to calm him.

“Xavgon. Shh. Give them peace. They are confused and afraid as am I. At least the confusing part. How did you get here? I don’t understand.”

“Search your soul, Mother. The answers lie within you, and you are correct. They are afraid, but not of me. I will kill them if they approach you.”

“No. Let me speak to them. Please.”

Kalera slides down his massive wing, taking her stance in front of Xavgon’s snout as smoke protrudes. Peering men and women in uniform as vitality engulfs her. All she has known from her world is depression, anxiety, stress, and grief, but not today. 

“Mother!” Xavgon cries. 

“If I don’t speak to them, they may fire upon you.” Kalera interrupts. 

“It matters not. Their weapons will have no effect. They will try to take you as if you have broken their laws. Because of laws, they will not let you go. Prison is where you will end up. There, you will wither away as shrubs on a bush. I had one jump to this world to save you. Now we must find Gros Cave. The cave is the door to Zaylen, home. Without us there, Ager will rise again.” He explains. 

Turning to Xavgon and placing her hands near his nostrils she declares. “I have broken the law. I trespassed there.” Pointing to the Super Dome. 

“Ager is my fault. I should have allowed you to kill him, but I didn’t.” Kalera responds. 

“It is because of the good in you. Good; however, can only go so far. Ager, just as these humans here, will and have taken you for granted.” Xavgon rebuttals. 

“Just let me talk to them.” Kalera responds. 

Reluctantly, Xavgon agrees.  

“My beath will echo your voice so all may hear.” He says. 

I am ready. Kalera says as she turns towards the blockage of men and women pointing guns and bazookas towards them. 

 Introducing herself, Kalera explains she was born in this city right down the street at what was once Charity Hospital. She loves New Orleans for it is her home, and she loves her family and friends. She tries to ease their fear and anxiety by relating to them as she points out her family served in the Iraq War.  But she had to stand firm. 

 This great dragon will do anything to protect me. You can’t harm it. Your weapons will only anger it. All you will manage to do is to destroy yourselves. The choice is yours. Stand down!

Stillness fills the air as she can feel the palpitations of their hearts. 

“Xavgon!” She warns.

“I feel it to mother!” He says. 

F/A -18s approach and without warning open fire from the sky as the soldiers in front of them fire. Clearly they did not think this through. They are firing upon their own men and woman just to destroy Xavgon and Kalera.  Shell casings strike the ground as soldiers begin to fall. 

Walking swiftly towards the blockage, Kalera absorbs all shots as bullets bounce off Xavgon. Reaching them, she turns to raise her arms focusing on the jets. Within seconds they break apart only allowing enough time for the pilots to eject. 

Xavgon blows a mighty wind as she pleads with him not to kill them as she focuses on their weapons. Lifting their mighty guns from their hands she turns the guns towards them. 

What you feel right now is true fear. The fear of death and the unknown. I pleaded with you, but my dragon has a mind of his own. 

Shredding the metal in their faces, the debris falls to the ground as they all run back towards the dome. She focuses silencing their radios but it won’t last. Xavgon takes a breath to release flame upon them.

“No. I know their decisions enrage you. But you are no mindless beast. You protect the innocent and the weak. They are weak and following the laws of this land as you know. Killing them will not help us. Please!” Kalera employs. 

“They are no different than many in Zaylen. Coward behind evil and presenting it for the greater good. But you are right Mother. Killing them will make us something we are not.” He responds. 

“Thank you.” Kalera says. 

“Gros Cave Mother. We must go!” Xavgons warns. 

“Do you know where it is?” She asks.

“The metal of this world limits my navigation senses. I do not know.” He answers. 

“I know someone who can help us.” Kalera says. 

Kalera climbs Xavgon’s wing and mounts him. 

“Where?” He asks.

“My home.” Kalera responds. 

Dawnies, what do you think of Kalera’s decision not to allow Xavgon to kill the military and police?

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