Chapter 1: Pendulum: Dawn of The Dragon

Illustration by Mia Washington

“A blue dragon is standing in my neighbor’s front yard! Live, I hope you are getting this. THERE IS A BLUE DRAGON IN THE FREAKING  YARD!” Screams the guy next door.

Helicopters maneuvering up and down back and forth hovering above Kalera’s home. The Army National Guards have now been joined by Marines, FBI, and the NSA evacuating homes and have surrounded at least a three-mile radius.

“You may not want to raise your voice toward me.” Kalera suggests to the chief of police.

“Call them off.” She orders.

“I have orders. And those orders are to take you and this thing into custody.” He yells through the chaos.

Maintaining the scene proved problematic for them as people were running through the streets with their cellphones filming. The military warned the media circus, but it was too late. By now, America, and the entire world were fixed on Rocheblave Street in New Orleans.

Staring into the eyes of her dragon, realizing she must make a move to get Xavgon out of the city. It would be easy to just fly away, but what about Zaron? She could not just abandon him. Deep in her thoughts, Xavgon speaks.

“Do you trust me?” He asks.

“Of course.” Kalera responds.

Xavgon has a plan that he is executing while speaking to Kalera. The ground begins to rumble, and this time it wasn’t Xavgon. The military ordered a tank to be brought in. It was clear there would be no peaceful resolution. They were willing to destroy a neighborhood and to possibly kill innocents in order to contain him.

“Do it. Do it now.” Kalera screams.

Xavgon takes a deep breath, holding it for ten seconds as the police chief warns.

“You have until the count of five to surrender or we will be forced to destroy you and your dragon.”

He begins to count as Xavgon opens his ferocious mouth speaking an incantation.

“FIVE!” The chief hollers. 

Whistling sounds erupt as dark clouds roll in blocking out the sun. Then stillness. Everyone and everything in the vicinity was locked in place. Xavgon looks to his mother for approval.

“How long do we have?” She asks.

“I cannot say, but we must get out of here.” He replies.

“Zoran!” Kalera calls. 

Turning the knob, she finds Zoran staring out of the window.


She was just relieved that he was not frozen like the others, but his tone worries Xavgon.

“Xavgon wishes for you to lower your voice when speaking to me.” Kalera whispers.

“Okay, I won’t shout, but I am sure it won’t stop the gigantic monster from hearing me. Kalera, dragons are myths.” He whispers. 

“Yet a dragon is before you.” She responds. 

“Where does it come from?  How did You bring it here?” He asks. 

“I don’t know if I brought him here.” She says. 

“It, not him.” Zoran interrupts. 

“You refer to is my son using respectable pronouns.” She says with an elevated tone.

“What? Your son? You sound psycho. I watched you for three years! Your body remained in the bed of the hospital and your bedroom.” Zoran hollas. 

“It matters not. He is real and here at this very moment. The grand proof you needed. Now, did you call Musfall?” Kalera asks matching his tone.

How she had missed Musfall, one of her most trusted friends. By now everyone will have seen Xavgon. He can not go flying around the country. She had to do something, and Musfall was her only hope.

“Our government will use it and destroy you.” Zoran says.

Kalera grins. They won’t have any luck with that. There is only one way he can die, and it is

best you don’t know it. How long before Musfall gets here? We don’t have much time.

“Soon.” Zoran answers.

“After meeting with him, I would like to see Romulus.” Kalera replies.

“He misses you dearly; I am sure not as much as I missed you.” Zoran whispers as he walks over gently taking her hands into his.

“I don’t care about my doppelganger Jessup or this world you seek. I only care about you. I love you.” Zoran assures.

Kalera raises her right hand to his face caressing it. 

Before the police and military arrived, Kalera had a little time to tell Zoran about Jessup and how she had fallen in love with him. She felt it was only right that he knew, but Zoran could hardly bear it, as he tried to understand the weirdness of it all.

“A man is approaching, Mother.” Xavgon informs.

“Musfall is here.” She states.

Knock. Knock.

Kalera opens the door and embraces her friend.

“Musfall.” She whispers. 

“Xavgon, he is a friend.” She confirms.

“My girl, out there is everyone. FBI, NSA, police, military—

you name it. I must say, I like the position they are in.” He laughs.

“I take it you saw what happened.” She assumes. 

“My lovely, it’s on everything—Facebook, Insta, Snapchat. You can’t

hide this big guy.” He says.

Xavgon is the reason she called him, but he may offer more than one solution. Musfall was known as a magic man, but he is a practicing Voodoo Priest. At times she struggles to believe for Voodoo clashes with her Christian faith, but Musfall convinces her of his world of great magic.

“You know the world as a traveler, I need to know, have you heard of the Gros Cave?” Kalera asks.

“I have. Why do you ask? He responds.

“My dragon tells me it is the only way home.” She replies.

“Home?” He asks with a perplexed look. 

“The Zalylen Realm.” She responds.

“My darling you are home.” He announces. 

“The cave?” She counters. 

“For all I know, it may be buried or sunken. You see, it’s a cave of great power to those who believe, and it will take great power to find the entrance.”He says.

“The cave will lead us back to Zaylen. Xavgon’s home. My home.” Kalera explains.

“My girl, this is your home. Good old Nawlins, but It matters not. If you need to find it, I will help you.” He affirms. 

“I knew you were the man to call.” She responds.

“We start in the French Quarter. If we are lucky, we will find a clue that leads to the next.” He explains.

Walking to the window Musfall glares at Xavgon. What are we going to do about your dragon? He just can’t go flying around the world.” Laughs Musfall.

” I got it. I can turn him into a pendulum. You can wear it around your neck like an amulet for safekeeping, only it will swing. When you need him, say cazuel, and your dragon will take his true form.” He suggests.

Kalera turns to see Zoran deep in thought.

“Zoran, snap out of it! What do you think?” Kalera asks.

“It’s crazy, but if it can be done . . . Whatever.” He responds. 

“Let me go out and speak to him.” Kalera replies.

Before walking out of the back door, Xavgon was already communing. Their telepathic connections grew stronger within several hours. Xavgon was having none of it.

I know you do not agree, but they will tear this city apart to get to you. My friend there can cast a great spell to make you smaller. You know it’s the right thing to do. More importantly, we both know your incantation will wear off soon. We must do something else. Something more permanent to those officials out there. 

Kalera and Xavgon stood for a moment thinking and it was decided.

He will use his Dred power to wipe the officer’s and soldier’s memories and his mother’s world’s social media technology. Leaving no trace of him nor her. But it will wear off, and when it does, they will resume their search and the world will once again know of his existence.

“Do it! But don’t wipe Zoran or Musfall.” She says.

“Of course.” Xavgon confirms. 

Xavgon closes his eyes and begins with a whisper. The first incantation wore off and the officers and military had no idea why they were standing behind a blockade. Confused, and unable to see Kalera’s house, they begin to shuffle away.

Upon walking back inside, she finds Musfall smoking his herbs and stirring liquids into a soup she would have to drink. Taking the cup, and staring at it for a moment. Here goes nothing.  She thinks as she gulps the chocolate tasting liquid down.

After her consumption, Xavgon begins to morph, and within minutes, he is metal. Amazingly, he can still communicate with her.

Entering her bedroom and opening one of the dresser draws, she removes a long chain belonging to her mother. She pushes the chain through the hole and places him around her neck.

Musfall and Zoran walks in.

“I can hear him.” Kalera says.

“Yes, you can. Remember, cazuel is all you say to bring him back, but there is something else. If you want to limit his size when he returns, you say cazuel minor, and he will be but a child. Say cazuel maleck, he will be but as a teen, and cazuel tod,  he will be but as a toddler. And when you want him to be him, just cazuel.” Musfalls explains. 

They took some time to collaborate as Kalera packed. First, they would head to Zoran’s and then Musfall’s place. Next, to the St. Louis Cathedral to hopefully find the first clue.

It takes about thirty minutes to reach Zoran’s. Upon entering she ran to her dog. They rolled all over the floor as Zoran packed. Not wanting to leave him behind again, Kalera came up with the idea of taking Romulus along as a companion dog.

It made sense. After all, she did adopt him after my mother died and he had taken all the training, but one.

Having Xavgon, Zoran, Musfall, and Rome, Kalera’s nickname for Romulus, gave her hope. The hope that they would find Gros. Time was on the move and she had no idea how much had passed in Zaylen. For all she knew, Ager could have reformed his council, the guardians of the keys, or worse, he could be sitting on the glass throne. 


What are your thoughts about Xavgon allowing Kalera (his mother) to turn him into a pendulum?

Share your thoughts/suggestions on the chapter overall.

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