Dragon Night

Image by Viator

You brought us, stole us, chained us, but silent we remained.

You beat us, mutilated us, and strung us high.

You did not take into account the deep dark sky.

That would one day open and from it a glorious sight.

Beast once stolen, betrayed, and enraged ascending to stand with humans who suffer the same plight.

With their gigantuous wings, they lower so that we may rise and suffer no more.

Their charge was long and their justice swift.

Bringing an end to terror, they once again lift us from the ashes no longer a faint drift.

Glorious is the night the dragons came.

Giving us a glimmer of hope and faith again.

Never again will they stand idly by allowing the atrocities that were nigh.

A dragon night.

A dragon night.

A bond gained.

Now humans with skin as onyx will reign.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Night

  1. Reblogged this on Realm of Writes and commented:

    I wrote this poem a couple of months ago. Digging through my poetry, I found it and read over it again last night and thought this would be a perfect throwback for today.

    This poem also leads to a discussion. I would like to have this discussion with those of you following me and anyone who happens upon this throwback post.

    I am considering a new series based on this poem. I have not done any research into the market just yet, but I want to get your take on the poem itself first; then I would like you to answer the following questions:

    Do you think this subject would be too divisive with the current racial tensions in America/the world?

    If written with tack division/unity, do you think a well develop story could be told regardless of our current climate?

    I hope you enjoy the poem. Don’t forget to comment.


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