Renewing Our Spirits for Change: Justice and Mercy

Interfaith March: Atlanta, Georgia, June 5, 2020


Some time has gone by since my last communication. The last time we engaged, I was preparing to announce the poetry contest winners. Yes, the winners were announced and they received their prizes!

Covid-19 has brought about turmoil around our nation so I hope all of you are safe and healthy. I lost two family members and a friend during this battle. Mental anguish and financial hardships have rocked communities around the globe due to this pandemic, but the last two weeks in America has brought to the surface a renewed rally cry for social justice. Below, you will find the poem I wrote back in February that I posted last week.

Dragon Night

You brought us, stole us, chained us, but silent we remained.

You beat us, mutilated us, and strung us high.

You did not take into account the deep dark sky.

That would one day open and from it a glorious sight.

Beast once stolen, betrayed, and enraged ascending to stand with humans who suffer the same plight.

With their gigantuous wings, they lower so that we may rise and suffer no more.

Their charge was long and their justice swift.

Bringing an end to terror, they once again lift us from the ashes no longer a faint drift.

Glorious is the night the dragons came.

Giving us a glimmer of hope and faith again.

Never again will they stand idly by allowing the atrocities that were nigh.

A dragon night.

A dragon night.

A bond gained.

Now humans with skin as onyx will reign.

Of course, I could not have seen the future to know that America would be rocked once more by racial divisions and the lack of equity given to people of color in this nation. As you all know, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis about two weeks ago. The image of Mr. Floyd’s life being carelessly taken away has lit a dragon flame under the foundation of America. 
“I can’t breathe.” Now a rallying cry for justice, mercy, and change. As an author of color (African American), I cannot sit idly by. As change begins with me, it also begins with all of you. 

One of the many themes in the upcoming Dawn of The Dragon, book two in the Dawn Series is freedom, justice, and peace. Let your voices be heard and never cease. Let’s join together and breathe. 


Dawn of The Dragon is now in the hands of my copy editor. Once edits are complete, the manuscript will be formatted for ebook and print copies (paperback). Once formatting is complete, the story will be launched. An official launch date has not been set, but fingers crossed, I expect it to be mid-July or the beginning of August. You will receive updates from me. 
In the meantime, you are welcome to join me on Wattpad where the draft is uploaded. The draft is not the final copy that will be sold, but it allows you to read the story without edits. To join me on Wattpad, use the following link:

Set up a free account and follow me. You are welcome to leave comments and suggestions about the draft. 


Dawnies, I am looking for 15 people who are willing to review Dawn of The Dragon on Amazon. You will receive a free copy of the book in order to leave your review. If you are interested in reading the book and leaving a review, leave a comment below. Let me know as soon as possible. 

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