Chapter 7: From The Ashes: Dawn of The Dragon

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Free-falling from the sky like a bird without wings. Roarrrrrrrrr. The massive dragon screams in agony. Kalera looks down to see two arrows in her lower torso. Blood is flowing from Xavgon as if his scaled armor had been pierced by a bolt thrower. His massive wings fold upwards trying to protect his mother. 

Suddenly, her eyes open. Slowly turning her head she tries to determine her whereabouts. Perplexed, she rises, removing the covers from her body which is wrapped in black linen cloth. Like a rush of wind, she realizes her plight as her clouded memory begins to return. People she once knew and cared for tried to destroy her in the worst way possible. How am I alive? She wonders as she checks her neck for Xavgon, but the pendulum was missing. 

Keys jingle and the door creaks as it opens. Entering the room is Molly. 

“You.” Kalera speaks in a low, enraged tone as words could hardly sound from her mouth.

“How could you allow them to hurt me? They tried to murder me and you left me there.” She mutters. 

Taking a slow walk over to Molly too angry to pay any attention to her chard flesh underneath the wrapping.

“I should be dead! I should be in agony but I am not.” Kalera whispers.

“Why am I not dead!?” She yells.

Lifting her right arm, she strikes Molly down to the floor. Molly grabs the left side of her face slowly looking up to Kalera as she speaks. 

“I deserve that and understand your wrath. Please know the Lord did not mean to harm you. Hurting you is the last thing he wants to do. He was following the prophecy which speaks of a Dawn rising from the ashes of time only to be burnt on the rack and broken as life remains and power she gains. The symbol on your neck led him to believe it must be you. Here you are standing and speaking.” She explains.

“You are out of your mind! He had no idea who or what I was or am!” She screams.

Kalera’s heart palpitates as it becomes hard for her to breathe. 

“I must get out of here. I must find Xavgon.” She thinks. 

Molly walks over.

“You are right. You should be dead, but you are not!” She exclaims.

“You are not dead because he was right and Hiddard was right. You are the rightful ruler of the realm.” Molly claims. 

Kalera listens as Molly goes on about a Dawn taking her place on the glass throne, by overthrowing Ager and riding the realm of the Bolongs. Once the people learn of a Dawn they will rise up. The Brams have been fighting a war in secret for many moons, but with you and your power, we will prevail. 

As she talks Kalera tries to focus from her core but nothing. I am alive but I have no power. Xavgon. She thinks. 

Suddenly her body begins to itch and she tries to remove the linen. Molly moves in to help and they both peel away the cloth. While unraveling, a chunk of burned skin falls to the floor revealing a secret. They quickly begin pulling away at the scabs and flesh to reveal perfectly healed brown skin as Kalera’s hearing and sight begin to return near perfect. Unwrapping her face and head she rubs her hands across to feel hair erupting from her newly formed scalp.

She rises, walking towards a large slab of metal viewing her reflection. Her hair copper, thick, soft, and coiled with silver streaks in the very front. Her teeth bone straight and snow white. Kalera is whole again, new.

Molly walks over to a chest made of birch wood with a familiar insignia, the skull of a dragon. She removes a silver dress etched with dragon scales and white raindrops. Turning to Kalera, she lowers to her knees.

“My queen, your garment.” She reveals as she hands Kalera a new covering and her pendulum.

“Thank you Molly. Where did you get this?” Kalera asks of the pendulum. 

“I noticed it back in Toan so I knew it belonged to you.”She replies as Kalera dresses. 

Kalera walks over to Molly and takes her hand lifting her from the floor deciding not to speak of her miraculous recovery. They exit the sleep chamber, moving down a long corridor, eight wooden stairs, and into a courtyard. Where Kalera looks to a tree with a massive canopy of white leaves and a trunk black as a panter’s fur with twelve stone slabs surrounding it. 

Standing solemnly taking in the extraordinary sight, she rubs Xavgon speaking to him, but silent he remains.

“The stones represent the twelve tribes of Bram. Bram tribes were said to be the first men to dawn the realms. Thriving for 10,000 or more moons before the beginning of Zaylen or any other realm for that matter. Two of those leaves represent my brother and sister for we were separated at birth. They were taken to Mason while I was taken to Liber to be raised as a Handmade.” Speaks Molly.

“I am so sorry for I know what that must have been like.” Kalera shares.

“How could you know?” Molly asks.

Kalera shall never forget the treatment of the Zayleneans she met at Ta’l. From the ashes of Phea she recalls her mission to free the women, men, and children who have fallen captive to the madman currently occupying the throne. 

Standing to her feet, Kalera feels a great quiver as a bright light fills the courtyard blinding her. Struggling to see, she touches her pendulum, her visions return, and she sees a man standing before her.

He falls to the ground. Kalera and Molly move him inside to a  sleep chamber. Feeling as many a moon passes as they sit watching him. Finally opening his eyes, he reaches out to Kalera.

“Where am I?” He asks.

“You are in Zaylen.” Kalera answers.

“Who are you?” He asks.

“My name is Kalera and she is Molly.” She replies.

“I don’t know why but it finally released me.” He says.

“What released you?” Molly asks.

“Great power.” He answers before passing out once more.

Both women decide to keep their new guest hidden for the time being. After all, he could be a scorpion. Kalera returns to her sleep chamber pondering her advantage. She will demand a meeting with Lord Tomas Donegal at once.

“Xavgon, I need to know you are with me. I need you. Without you I will fail.” Kalera communes. 

Silence. Her dragon says nothing. She begins to worry and shouts Cazuel! But the pendulum remains. The chest Molly retrieved her dress from catches her attention. Opening it, she finds a map and a brown book with a dragon insignia engraved into a leather cover. Taking the book from the chest, she sats down opening the cover to find blank pages. 


Resting her hand on the blank page, she closes her eyes. Upon opening them she sees a bright spectrum from the rays of the sun and crystal clear falls that gave life to many creatures. Trees of every kind flourished along with great and powerful dragons. The dragons’ scales were like every color in the rainbow. Some were blue, green, yellow, red… They differed in size while some were large as great mountains others were as small as baby birds.

The dragons all had jobs to do. The largest would take flight from the lands and beyond to keep the great fires of the mountains lit. Other dragons would keep the falls flowing with powerful water from their inner cores. Some were charged with helping the hunters gather food for their animals and families. The little bird dragons were pets for the children to play. Then there were the warrior dragons trained in the great pits to protect their realm with their warriors.


Kalera is now standing where the ancient dragon clan known as the Reveille stood. The Reveilles were powerful women who were nomads before settling the land to the south. The females could best any man in combat and warfare, and with their wilds. 

The Reveilles were a sight for sore eyes. Their beauty could tame the bravest of men. After nights or mornings of pleasure, the men would awake to find the Reveilles have gone. 


A Reveille screams as she is birthing a baby boy into the world. A boy she would not keep but take to the school for the specially gifted. The baby cries as his mother places him into the hands of another, pausing only for a moment, then walking away to the screams. 

Once their dragons lay eggs, the Reveilles would care and nurture them while the dragons maintained their duties. Once the hatchlings are born, the women would care for them and the magic of the great dragons would bind them making the Reveilles powerful and magical but it wouldn’t last.  

Kalera is now upon a mountain as an army marches into the Reveilles’ camp. Transported to the ground, she sees them led by one who is more powerful than great dragons. The sight of him drains them of their blood and magic while the others mindlessly destroy all in their path. The one turns to the directions of Kalera. It was as if he could see her.  Within a blink he stands in front of her with a smile. She quickly opens her eyes to find she is still planted on the chest in the sleeping chamber.



Kalera rises and opens the door to find Tomas. Falling to his knees, he kisses her feet. 

It is you. The prophecy was true.” He mumbles. 

“Please stand. I demand an audience with you and your councilmen.” Kalera barks.

“As you wish.” Tomas replies.

Tomas leads Kalera to the Great Hall where she finds his council drinking and lusting. 

“I am sorry they are not more stable.” Tomas says as Molly walks in.

Stunned, she offers to take Kalera to the council chambers. 

“I expect you to ready your men. My Lord.” Kalera announces sarcastically. 

Kalera follows Molly down a flight of stairs where they come to a brown door stones lined above it. Kalera makes her way around the 360-degree chamber complete with various paintings of four dragons. The paintings depict the dragons as the elements of the earth. One white with a soft tan complexion with a gust of wind surrounding him. The next is light and dark brown with green horns. Paintings of a blue and red dragon hung above a grand firepit. Next to it a black dragon with blood eyes. The blue dragon reminds Kalera of Xavgon except for his claws. His claws are shades of the elements. 

Molly welcomes ten men including Lord Hiddard Larks whom Kalera and Molly are surprised to see. Molly pulls her husband to the back of the room as the other men stand behind their seats staring at the one they burned. 

“Forgive them your Grace.  Forgive us our trespass against you. It was…” Tomas explains as Kalera immediately interrupts him. 

“All of you took a prophecy literally. This is a dangerous thing.” She scorns as Molly and Hiddard approach the table.

He begins to scorn the men for their trespass and then he commands them to bow before their rightful queen and they do. 

“My Queen you commanded an audience which we have given, but there is a more pressing matter to discuss first.” Annonces Tomas. 

Tomas stands, making his way towards the grand pit. Dragons of the past held their place in this world as is known. I now stand before you in the Chamber of Dragons to show you something extraordinary.

All of the men stand to their feet as Tomas knocks on a wooden plank above the pit.  A tall man with green eyes and silver hair enters holding a brown wooden box. Placing the box on the table, he asks Kalera to sit after he bows before her.

“My name is Tao your Grace, and I am a Scracer which means I protect and keep records. In the past, I kept records for the Guardians of the Keys and the Crown, but I was betrayed and left for dead. I escaped only to find myself fighting in the Games. There I met Hiddard and he and  I have been loyal friends ever since.” Spoke Tao.

He removes three scrolls from his robe. Opening them, he reveals their purpose.

“It reads the mighty tread through the forest revealing their true selves as all-powerful leaving destruction where they trod. For all they want is everything and to leave nothing. This world belongs to the ones who walk on two feet and four. To the ones who fly and breathe air, fire, earth, and water leaving the rest of men to flourish no more.” He reads.

He opens the second and third scrolls revealing images of men who appear to be human, but their bodies are morphing into dragons. One Kalera gives particular attention to because she has seen him.

“Are they real?” She asks.

“Yes, my Queen.” Cried Tao.

“How can you be sure?” She questions. 

“These scrolls have been authenticated.” Claims Tao.

“By whom?” She pressures.

“By Ta’l’s Kroleds.” Answers Tao.

“The Masters of Knowledge.” She suggests.

“You know of them my Queen?” Tao asks. 

Lord Larks stands to ask Kalera to open the box.

She is hesitant considering these men burned her alive, but curiosity got the best of her. Opening the box, Kalera finds four stoned eggs having the colors of the elements. 

Reaching to remove them she is interrupted by Tao.

“Don’t touch them! He screams.

“Why not?” She counters.

“You mustn’t.” He yells.

Tomas explains once a true Dawn rises in the realm, they will awaken. Once they awaken, Boilos and his Death Claws the Morphs will destroy all. They are represented in the scrolls. They are the bringers of death and they have done it before. Hundreds of moons ago they destroyed the Reveilles, the ancestors of the Dawns. They are the true reason King Ager’s ancestor Fefnar, ordered the construction of the wall. 

Boilos needs the four Elemento eggs to hatch and mature. Once full-grown, He and three of his chosen will kill the dragons draining them of their life force and taking it for their own. After they will have the power of the four elements making them supreme in this world. The realm and others will be no more. With full Elemento powers, they will remove the light of the sun, moon, drain the seas, cease the air, and take away the good earth. The night would be endless and all the living will die. Leaving Boilos and his Death Claws to reclaim and rebuild the realms in his image.

Kalera turns to Hiddard.

“Do you believe this to be true?” She asks. 

“A few moons ago I executed deserters.  One claimed to have seen an army of Death Claws and Boilos. That would place them in the far north where they may be using Shallions to keep them hidden with Dred power. Being that he was about to die, he had no reason to lie. Most believe that Boilos is a legend, but without a doubt he existed.” Hiddard claims. 

“So what do we do?” Kalera asks.

“We destroy the eggs.” Another council member answers.

“Destroy the eggs!” She responds as Tomas kneels at her feet.

“We must and you are the only one who can destroy them.” He pleads.

Kalera stands, snatching her hand from him. At this very moment, who sits on the Glass Throne? Ager! That’s who. A monster!

“I agree with you, but this is greater than Ager.” Yells Hiddard.

“My Queen, your presence has brought fourth Boilos. If he gets the eggs, Ager will be but chatter in the dusk. All will fall. Nowhere will be safe.” Tomas counters. 


Dawn of The Dragon is in the hands of my copy editor.

Food for Thought:

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Developmental, line, and copy editors are very important people in the writing process journey. Never let anyone tell you different!

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