Psyche: Realm of Possibilities

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Senses allow us to understand our little corner of the world. Using your eyes, you can clearly identify the image above as a black stone wall. That’s easy, you know what that wall means literally, but figuratively is another story based on your psyche.

The psyche is your innermost self, your mind. Your mind allows for many possible outcomes or possibilities in life. Because of those possibilities, it is very important to understand whatever you feed your mind will shape your psyche and in turn your little corner of the world.

So if you want the best possible outcomes and the most positive possibilities, feed your mind tranquility in a number of ways, but I will discuss four.

  1. Spirituality

Being spiritual is sometimes confused with being religious. You don’t have to follow a certain religion to live in a realm of spirituality. One example of spirituality is your relationship with nature.

Pierre Jean-Louis says he sees Mother Nature in black women. He ...
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Natural light raises your spiritual enlightenment. The best place to get natural light is to embrace it in nature (outdoors). Set aside time to take a walk in a park, your subdivision, a trail, on the beach, in a forest, or at least sit on your porch or in your backyard. The possibilities are endless.

Reading is another way to embrace spirituality. Read for entertainment or knowledge.

Reading for entertainment allows you to step outside of your world for just a moment. While reading, you are getting to know a new character’s desires and motives. You are absorbing new worlds on earth or beyond. During your moments you may laugh, cry, scream, or just remain silent.

The more you know, the more you grow is an old saying. Reading for knowledge allows you to grow spiritually by enhancing your abilities. Knowledge allows you to learn a new craft, build a new business, get a promotion, etc.

Another way to enhance your spirituality is through meditation (prayer if you are religious). Clearing your mind and allowing a higher power to possess for a moment is important. Being thankful for all that you have (family, children, spouses, friends, animals, etc.) increases positivity.

2. Traveling

Traveling does not mean driving to and from work, but leisure.

She's Visited 175 Countries and Expects to Become the First Black ...
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See the world locally, stateside, and then globally. Traveling allows for peace because you step outside of your own backyard. When you travel, you embrace nature, other cultures, and societies. Leisure travel allows you to leave everything else behind except self. It allows you to expand your mind above and beyond your usual horizons.

3. Relationships

family hands - Community Partnership Family Resource Center
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Everyone’s definition of relationship may vary in some way, but relationships are the way you connect with others and yourself. Before you can have a healthy relationship with someone else, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself. This allows you to bond with others and to in fact grow spiritually. What’s a good healthy relationship?

First you want to accept imperfection. No one is perfect. The sooner you accept this about yourself and others the better. Next, you want to be there for yourself first then others. Show up! It is also important for you to talk through your differences. Again, no one is perfect. Share something new. Maybe you learned Yoga or met a new guy or gal.

4. Health

Does Insurance Cover Therapy For Mental Health Care?
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In order to be tranquil, you must take care of your mental and physical health. Of course, you are familiar, but do you do it?

The first step is simple, eat right. Now, I am not saying you need to go on a hardcore diet. That decision is up to you based on your health. What I’m saying is you should eat less processed and more fresh foods (frozen if fresh is not always possible).

A great way to do this is to plan/prep meals ahead of time. This will allow you to have food on the go. Planning and prepping ahead of time also allows you to buy only what you need when grocery shopping. The rule of thumb is to plan for three meals and two snacks a day. What about your beverages?

Drink plenty of water. I know you have heard this one over and over, but it is important. Your body is about 60% water. When you are on the go, you use it to replace it. The next best way to good health is to exercise.

I am not saying you need to run a marathon. I am saying you should participate in activity that will allow your heart rate to elevate at least four times a week. For you that may include, walking, jogging, dancing, etc. Exercise also leads to good mental health.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical. There are many ways to take care of yourself mentally, but here are a few I do.

I write, draw, read, pray, speak to my therapist (You do not have to be depressed or mentally ill to see a therapist.), and set aside one day a week for me.

So whatever you do, don’t forget your psyche and the best possibilities depend on your tranquility.

Serenity, Tranquility — Perspectives on Personal Fulfillment
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