Throwback Thursday: Throne Style

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Love it or hate it, Games of Thrones, the show adapted from the book, A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin is now a part of our culture (fantasy culture).

As a fantasy writer and avid reader, I had heard of Martin’s stories some time ago. When I learned HBO was in talks with Martin, I was ecstatic. Pretty much I loved the show from season one, episode one through season eight (maybe not the most popular opinion). Though there are many episodes I did not like in season seven/eight, overall the show was fascinating.

Favorite Characters:

My favorite characters on the show were Daenerys Targaryen, John Snow, Arya Stark, and Hodor.

As a lover of dragons, of course, one of my favorite characters was Daenerys. Besides being the mother of dragons, I believe she was one of the most focused characters on the show. Her goal was always the same (The Throne). She knew what she wanted and went after it from the beginning. Even when her brother believed he would sit on the Iron Throne, she knew he wasn’t destined.

I am also a lover of wolves so quite naturally I loved John Snow and Arya Stark.

For me, John Snow had a heart. Much of his father (uncle) was in him. He always wanted to do what was right no matter what. I believe his character showed us how good people must make difficult decisions. Those decisions may cause ripple effects throughout our lives and throughout the lives of people we love.

Arya Stark was also goal-driven. I appreciated how much she overcame as a child, teen, and young lady.

Who didn’t like Hodor? He was such a loving teddy bear. For some reason, I understood him. That is probably the special education teacher in me. I also had the opportunity to meet Kristian Nairn a few years ago at Dragoncon. Yes, he is that big!

Favorite Setting:

Honestly, my favorite setting was Wintefell because I love the architecture of locations in Scotland.

Favorite Episode:

I have many favorite episodes. But one of my favorite scenes is in season 6 episode 6.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s throwback.

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