Chapter 12: Uncovered: Dawn of The Dragon

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Dawnies, welcome to another excerpt from Dawn of The Dragon drafts! Beyond, you will find updates.

Zoran lays out some of Kalera’s clothes for Molly to try on.

“Strange coverings.” Molly Said.

“These are t-shirts. You wear them here. These are jeans and pants. You wear these below. Do you understand?” He asks.

“I think so.” She replies.

Zoran escorts her to the bathroom to get changed. He returns to find Musfall staring at the eggs.

“How can she understand us? She speaks English. I’m sure English is not the native language of Zaylen. The Seer Stone is the reason we are here, so we use it to figure out our next move.” Musfall said. 

Zoran hears footsteps in the alley. Looking to the window…

“Musfall, get down!” He screams as pellets are shot into the glass and smoke canisters thrown inside.

Musfall crawls to the box.

“Molly, get Molly!” He yells to Zoran.

It was as if World War III began, but Zoran slitters towards the bathroom door as Molly comes out. He pulls her to the floor as bullets are now raining down on them.

“I got you.” He whispers as she screams.


Making their way further north, Maliki invites the company to rest in Blum, the Kale’s home. Kalera agrees because the guards and meres are weary.


Shakes the ground as Xavgon lands. Kalera sits next to him closing her eyes. A blue light surrounds her as Genna interrupts. 

“Excuse me, Your Grace. Maliki invites us to his meeting chamber.” She said.

Xavgon glares at his mother as she rises and walks with Genna.

“I’m sorry that my chamber is not a grand hall,” Maliki states.

“No need to apologize,” Kalera replies. 

Entering the tent, Kalera sees Hiddard and Ton studying two maps. Hiddard explains that both have different routes to Mason. 

“I mean no disrespect Your Grace, but we can’t just disembark at the harbor. And what of your dragon? We can’t just hide him. He is not exactly small.” Ton says.

“Nor shall he be hidden. The people need to see that dragons were not just real moons ago, but are  now.” She replies.

“Everyone here has heard the stories of old. The realm has heard the stories. You are his weakness. If something happens to you Xavgon will be useless and vice versa. Ager knows this. The minute you go flying over the harbor, arrows will be aimed at your head.” Ton says.

Kalera looks to Hiddard. 

“Are you confused about what you want?” She asks.

“Your Grace, I want you to help me find Sundo, Celest, and my wife Molly. But there is a greater need.  We must do what’s best for the realm. Lord Donegal, my friend tried his best to do what was right. What is right is for the true ruler to sit on the glass throne.” He replies.

“Ager made his move because he knew that my father could rally the outlands. He knew my father would send his guardsmen to fight for you. Ager is powerful. He has gold, magic, the Facers Council, and the most powerful fighting force in all the realm which you and your dragon can possibly destroy. But many lives will be lost. The people must see you as a Dawn before they will respect and follow you. We are not enough.” Ton explains.

“None of that will matter if Boilos finds the eggs.” Maliki interrupts. 

Maliki pulls from a chest another map. This map looks like the others save one difference. The land of Taree. “What is this place?” Kalera asks.

“It is a scared land owned by no ruler in this realm nor the next. The land of trials.” He says.

“The land of trials is a myth, Maliki.” Ton interrupts.

“No, I have been there. It’s very real. With Xavgon you can mine the gold there then you will have enough money to secure any army. We will need fighters if we are to face Boilos.” He responds.

“Our queen is to take your word that this place is real. Why haven’t you and your kind taken the land and mine the gold? Ton yells.

“We did not have a flame hot enough to do so.” He responds.

At that moment Kalera realizes their council is valid. As a queen she needs a council. She names Hiddard hand of the queen, Maliki as a cleric, Ton as commander of the Queen’s guard, and she appoints Genna the most sacred duty of them all, protector of the elementos. 

“Council. I shall ponder your words and take them under advisement. For now, make final preparations as I go to speak with Shelleeann. Ton you should come with me. Your sister would love to see you after the last moon I am sure. “

Ton follows without a word. Xavgon had already reached them. The girl is playing with him. It is strange to see him so engaged with a child as Shelleeann looks on.

“Your Grace, your dragon is kind.” Shelleeann speaks.

“He is.” Kalera replies.

Kalera beckons for Ton to walk over.

“I have not had this discussion with Ton as of yet, but as dangerous as this forest is, the unknown is more threatening. You have had a great loss that I can’t comprehend. And strong as you are, you are still a mother. Malaki will allow you and your daughter to remain here under the protection of his clan.” Kalera informs.

Ton turns to Shelleeann.

 “I know we don’t see eye to eye, but you are the mother of my little sister whom I love very much. Protecting her is my first priority. And I am so sorry for the loss of Praya. I do not know what I could have done differently, but hope one day you can forgive me. Remain here with the Kale for my sister.” He pleads.

She moves closer to Ton, closer than she has ever been. Raising her hand to his head, she runs her fingers between his hairs.

“You look like your father. The son I could never give him. Most of my anger was at myself. You have been valuable to this family in more ways than you know.” She said.

Turning to Kalera, she says,. “I have no protest. We shall remain here.” 

“Good. No outside communication. We cannot risk an interception by those loyal to Ager.” Kalera commands. 

“As you wish, my Queen.” She replies.

“Mother!” Xavgon alarms.

“I feel it to.” 

Suddently, the  branches are earth’s sun.

Xavgon turns towards the sky sending out a force of frost air as a shield

Xavgon turns towards the sky sending out a force of frost air as a shield. 

“Mother I’m not 100%. I don’t know how long I can hold.” He alarms.

“Hold as long as you can,” Kalera says

“My Queen, you must leave.” Ton commands.

“I will not abandon you.” She replies. 

Malaki and Kooloan make their way over.

They assure Kalera Taree is real and she should take the eggs and go. As they speak, Xavgon begins to lose strength. She can feel him falling back.

“We will do what we can here. You need a Kale. I cannot leave my clan to fight and die alone. Take Kooloan for the camp has been breached.” Maliki commands.

“Father.” Kooloan says.

“Do what you must my son.” He says.

Malaki turns to Kalera.

“Look inside.” He says.

The eggs.

“Your children. Our legacy. Maybe one day I can write of the one who saves us all.” Maliki says.

“I cannot leave.” Kalera cries. 

Xavgon lowers his wing.

“Mother, we must go!”

Shelleeann runs to Ton with his sister.

“They need you, your queen needs you. Go! Take care of my daughter” She commands.

 Kooloan, Ton, and his sister climb Xavgon’s wing with Kalera behind them. Kooloan grabs a space between Xavgon’s horns. Ton wraps the girl in his pelt. Xavgon turns his head and takes the case with the eggs into his mouth.

He whispers and begins to run. Gravity tries to hold him as he has never carried more than Kalera. Finally he beats gravity. As he soars, Kalera looks down at the camp to see Enforcers running through. There were dead wild dogs and Kales. As she focuses she sees him. It is Jessup. Just then one of his men turns a large bolt thrower towards them. She cries out to Xavgon, but he has already seen it.

The bastard releases it. With a swift maneuver to his side, the arrow misses them barely. The girl slips as Kooloan holds on with his hooves and grabs her as Ton tries preventing them both from falling. They balanced as Ton had hold of his sister again. After a series of ups downs lefts and rights,Xavgon disappears into the clouds.

He is high as possible before beginning to descend. After much cloud cover, they can see the ground again. As Kalera brings her eyes into focus, she can see clearly a white dog.

“Mother, it is Rome.” Xavgon alarms.

“We must land. They have not reached the edge of the forest.” She said. 

“You don’t know that. It could be a trap.” Ton responds.

“I’m not leaving my dog.” She responds.

Before long they are closer to the ground. Xavgon hovers over to scan the area. He senses nothing so he lands. Kalera quickly disembarks, running towards Rome. She reaches him and the dog begins to growl. She locks eyes with him as he moves in closer. He sniffs her as she is perfectly still. Then, without warning, he licks her face.

“Yes boy,” She whispers.

Ton runs over to them.

“I found a wounded man, turning him over to see Hiddard. He has lost a lot of blood but he is breathing,” Ton says.

Ton runs back lifts him and they all move as fast as they can to Xavgon.

Xavgon lowers his head down then up as Ton boards him. Rome looks at Kalera and tilts his head to one side then the next. After all, he was at least 100 pounds larger, but still a big baby. Kalera coaches him unto Xavgon. The funny thing is he has his wits about him. He grabs on with teeth as they ascend to the beyond.

“Taree, Kooloan. Which direction?” Kalera asks.

“Its as north as the edge of the world.” He responds.

“Will that not put us in danger of Boilos.” She asks.

“It is a risk.” He responds.

She knew it was more than a risk. Boilos would sense them and for what? Gold. Maybe, but it was a need. People do things at times for reasons unseen, but her senses are growing stronger. She can see it. Ager is powerful and he has powerful friends but Boilios can destroy all. So she can’t fear what she can’t control, only prepare.

So they soar north to the uppermost northern lands. Lands untamed and unclaimed until they see two massive falls. Stunning is the only word Kalera can muster.


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During the live, I read the deleted scenes epilogue for Dawn of The Dragon. As explained, the scenes are truly deleted not appearing in the final book, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Thoughtful Mind:

Do not let this world weigh you down. Release what you can’t control while doing only what you can. You know yourself. Reach deeply into your realms of possibilities, remove negativity, and find joy and peace in all that you hold dear. Nothing is promised. Remember that, so that your celebration will be a realm of many blessings.

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