Chapter 13: Awakening: Dawn of The Dragon

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I’m behind from last week (I went back to work.) I completely forgot to add the draft chapters for chapter 13, so I will be posting chapters 13 and 14 today. Announcements will be added after the draft for chapters 13 and 14. The announcements after chapter 14 will be a repeat of announcements from this chapter (13).


 A dragon brings mystery and awe, but also strength and amazement. Hearing the stories can not compare to what Jessup had just seen. Seeing is believing for King Ager who expects Shereen and his hand to walk in with a shackled Dawn. 

“Fail me and another shall hold your seat.” Was Ager’s last words. 

“Good luck explaining your loss to the king.” Alon interrupts. 

“I followed orders.” Jessup barks. 

“You listened to a traitor after her own desire,” Alon responds.

“Her words led us here, did it not?  Jessup says. 

“Shereen did her worst.” He responds.

“It was not her worst nor your best tactics so it seems we all must answer to Ager.” Jessup replies. 

While bickering back and forth, arrows fly through and over them. Turning to his right, chaos erupts as Enforcers quickly engage armed Kales and the Kale King Maliki.

“Swords! Take the King alive!”  Yells Jessup.

By some miracle, these Kale remain unharmed forcing their way through Enforcer’s ranks. Shereen has taught Jessup a great many things. Taking down a Kale was learned so Jessup engages. Back and forth steel collides under the cover of smoke and darkness.

Beating Jerssup’s sword with such thrust knocking him to the ashes, Maliki pounds. He raises his body to the air with the intent of crushing Jessup’s ribs with a single blow of his hooves.  Playing as a slide show, memories of Jessup’s time as Dubull’s apprentice or SG as he called them enters Jessup’s mind. 



Jessup falls to the ground as a ticking bomb as falls flow from his eyes. 

“Focus! See the light. Gaze into its eyes. Never let darkness overpower your treasure. SG’s are good always. No matter the adversity or the odds, follow your heart.” Orders Duball while tucking his long silver braid into his white cloak. 

Torry, Vinegard, and Jessup sat in the circle of resurrection. Each resurrect appointing individual trials. The one who completes and emerges first is no longer an apprentice but a gifter. Jessup was tired of being told what to do and when to do it. He wanted to stand alongside the old man training future SG leaders. For it will be up to them to rid this realm of evil. But not before they all have control for without it is chaos as Duball often speaks. Chaos rules Shellions and Dreds fueling their magical powers. 

Jessup finds focus as the resurrect befalls him he follows it into the light.  There, standing before him, four large monstrous beasts of old. Dragons. My trial is to best dragons. Duball could have done better when choosing my resurrect.

Jessup’s power is the light itself so he calls out to it from depths within the burrows of his soul. Taking a breath as the Green Sea he lifts his arms, palms facing the dragons. Locking both hands together creating a triangle with his pinky fingers, he blows. Turning palms inward, he holds the light. Closing his eyes, he shouts “Tis Neeus.” The incantation releasing its energy.

The dragon’s screams send shockwaves through him but he holds hearing  Duball shouting, “Control!” Always control as his knees begin to buckle. “Tis Neeus rehus!” He straightens his back forcing the energy once more.  As it reaches, from the surface grows their great and awesome might. The red dragons spew fire and lava. The blue, ice crystals, and boiling water. The green, spiked barks, and the brown flaming boulders. 

 None shocks more than boiling water and ice crystals, but this is a trial so anything is possible. The bombardments force Jessup behind an iron wall. An SG leader I shall become. I will do what I must! Thinking  of the days Torry and he played around with High Shellion dust without Duball’s knowing, he mixes a bit and inserted it into his ora. Grand power does Shellions possess. Now with it, he can defeat the beasts.

Pulling it from his upmost desires, Duball chimes in.

“This is not our way. Only control.” He adds.

The fact is, he wasn’t there so Jessup blocks the channel blinding Dubull.  He screams pulling again and again and finally he feels the dark fusing with the light. 


The iron wall shatters like glass as he blows towards them. A force field surrounds him in a bubble reflecting their shots as Jessup hurls his own. Their giant claws dug into the earth begins to retreat. Before long, they are encased in black coal unable to perform. He draws out their elements and they are but hatchlings.

Exhaling, he realizes he has completed his trial, no longer shall he be an apprentice. Many will look to him and maybe one day he shall run Raw. 

Suddenly Jessup’s senses awaken to screams and extermination.

“Do not use your powers! Control!” Cries Dubull as a blast pins him between two large pillars.

“Make your way to the caves brothers and sisters!” Jessup cries. Dubull has always prepared them for an invasion. He knew money would someday cease to be enough for Ager. Someone’s light released and his Shellions informed him of Raw’s grand secret. He will destroy SGs as his great, great grandfather did during Duball’s time.

Making his way to Dubull, Jessup finds Torry and Vinecard dueling with large Enforcers. Torry removes a dagger from her belt impaling the eye of one Enforcer as Vinecard disregards Dubull’s cries. Grabbing the air in his immediate space rolling it into a ball, he put his hands to his face blowing a wind that engulfs three Enforcers. Their bones split as their brains explode.

"Vinecard, help me!" Jessup cries
I do not own the rights to this image.

“Vinecard, help me!” Jessup cries. 

They had to remove the pillars from their master for he was badly wounded. Blood was everywhere his cloak soaked in red. Vinecard and Jessup release him to find a puncture in the center of his chest. He is whispering so Jessup leans in closer.

“This is chaos, my apprentice. The dusk alerts them of another.” He says.

Fighting to hold back his tears, he realizes what he has done. This is all on me.

“Dubull I am so sorry. I should have listened to you more.” He cries. 

“Listen to me boy. You can fix this. Our roads led us here for a reason. One reason above all. A Dawn is …” He whispers.

“A Dawn is what Dubull. A Dawn is what? Please open your eyes.” Jessup begs. 


A force of ten thousand dragons flows from Jessup as he rips them all. Shields and swords cling to the ground as their bearers are no more. Moving closer to the opening of the wooden door, he sees them. Torry and Vinecard lying there lifeless. In his wrath, He kills them. Falling to his knees, he welcomes death. 


 A blow to his skull sends him into an endless sleep.


Jessup snaps back moving quickly from the hooves crushing force as Shereen binds Maliki. Jessup takes care of hiding his thoughts for she is cunning.

Alon moves in to chain the hands of the Kale King.

“My Lord we have rounded up the dead Kale and none are his son, sir.” An Enforcers speaks. 

Shereen and Jessup walk Malaki into a make ship tent.

“This tent is a meeting place. What did you discuss here? Where are they going next?” Jessup asks.

Malaki smiles and sniffs him.

“You only fool yourself, hand of the King.” He says.

Shereen looks Jessup from feet to head.

“This Kale senses great confusion in you my Lord.” She claims.

“The only confusion here is your lack of skill, High Shellion. By now, we should have the Dawn bitch and be headed to Mason to join the King.” He says. 

“You fool! There is a ripple and I feel it straight from your back, SG.” She shouts.

Shockingly, Shereen now knows what Jessup just remembered. His thoughts are no longer safe. Lifting his hands he sends a shock wave towards her, catching her off guard. She slits the back of the tent with her claws falling through. Touching the chains, it breaks, freeing Maliki.

 Around 20 Enforcers left, she whispers the words of the death call. Jessup begins to smell it in the air. The men are changing. Their screams are full of pain as they become as wild dogs, mindless dead men. Her infection spirit is a power held only by a High Shellion. They no longer belong to themselves and they are now gunning for Jessup and Maliki. 

Shereen drains her ora with the spell. The curse of a High Shellion. Killing her will bring Jessup pleasure, but Alon gets to her first whisking her into the iron chariot and galloping away.

Jessup’s powers can destroy the dead men, but Maliki will die. He bends, grabbing a sword, and lighting it ablaze.

“Their heads! You must behead them!” He cries out to Maliki.

Throwing him the blazing sword, they battle. Swish, chop, cling, rips go on and on as Jessup buries his blade into several hearts before taking a step back and slicing off their heads. One jumps on the back of Maliki biting his ear and ripping it from his head. He screams but reaches around grabbing the guard and throwing him to the ground toppling him. Placing both hooves in its neck applying much pressure that rips head from the body.

Jessup’s gifts reaching full potential though he has not harnessed them in many moons. Reaching for the sky, he pulls a bolt that charges his hands. He releases the energy striking each of them. Then the unthinkable.

Dead Kales, men, and wild dogs arise from the dirt.

“She must have cursed the grounds. Maliki we can’t win this. We must make haste to the forest’s edge. There I can block them inside with a never-ending flame!” Jessup cries. 

Maliki lifts Jessup onto his back as they ride fast and hard while the dead rise all around them. Releasing energy waves, Jessup knocks as many away as he can. Then from the dark sky a blue burst of flame and a roar of power.

"It's Xavgon
I do not own the rights to this image.

“It’s Xavgon. The Queen’s dragon! Kooloan received my message.” Maliki says.

Xavgon lands in front of them, turning, to cover them with his massive wing. The dead are burning all around. He signals Maliki and Jessup to climb atop him. As he lifts, Jessup sends a great wall of flame spreading to every exit of the forest. He surrounds it with an orb of containment. Once the heads incinerate, the monsters will be no more. 


I hope you enjoyed the draft for chapter 13!

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