Chapter 14: Forebears: Dawn of The Dragon

Zoran, Musfall, and Molly make their way to the garage. Amazingly, the back of the house is quiet. They crawl through a half door to the back yard. Kalera’s old car is still there. Climbing into the car, Zoran places the eggs on the floor of the passenger side then he tries to hotwire it as Molly sobs. The car would not start as they hear voices and footsteps. Musfall removes the Seer Stone from his pocket and places it on the ignition. The car immediately starts and Zoran floors it.

They don’t get a quarter of a mile before they are trapped by a blockage. Zoran puts the car in reverse down the street but was met with another. Several men approach with their guns drawn. A tall man nears ordering everyone out of the car. 


Zoran has not slept in days, and no one will give him any straight answers. What he has determined is that the abductors are not police nor military. The eggs and Seer Stone are in their possession and Zoran has no way of knowing if Musfall and Molly are alive. 

Starring at the metal ceiling, Zoran hears footsteps and a key unlocking his prison. The same man who gave Zoran the lump on his forehead walks in.

“God! Not you again.” He thinks.

“Let’s go!” The man commands.

Zoran puts one foot in front of the other as a sloth towards the door. This time was different. Zoran wasn’t blindfolded. 

“Pick up your pace this way!” The man orders.

While trying to keep up with him, Zoran observes men and women in rings fighting. He eyes four to five weapon ranges where bullets were bouncing off the glass. They were training for something, but what? Finally reaching a volt, the man enters a code. The door shifts as long bolts slide pass the other. A blue light protrudes the box below the keypad. He opens it, picks up a pill of some kind, and places it inside of his mouth. The door opens and he pulls Zoran inside. 

The room was vast and white. Everything was white. Walking past several doors before entering one, causes dizziness. Zoran’s head spins and ears pop. It is becoming harder and harder for him to concentrate as the man sits him down on a strange chair. Unless his eyes were deceiving, it was black with black branches and white leave protruding from it. “A tree chair. I must be hallucinating.” He thinks as a voice calls to him. 

“Come here, my son.” The voice calls.

Lifting his head, he slowly stands from the chair making his way towards the voice as it gets louder and louder. Finding its source is a cassette player. His eyes widen as he reaches down to press stop then a shiny object catches his attention.

His eyes focus to see a white and silver urn. It calls to him so he places his hands over it. “Our family was promised.” Zoran hears repeatedly inside his head. Looking down he sees a white card underneath the urn so he carefully lifts and removes it.

It is a picture of a man he had not seen in a very long time. His great grandfather who was an extraordinary man always off on some wild adventure on a different continent. After the last visit, Zoran’s parents ceased to speak of him. Like he was some distant memory or no longer existed.

Zoran recalls their last day in New York. Raised voices filled the air of their home. His uncle Mike charges through the front door. His parents grabbed only valuables leaving all else behind even his dog. The rest of his childhood is a blub that passed with time.

“Mr. D.” Zoran whispers his nickname.

“Yes. He was Mr. D. to you, but to me, he was simply grandfather.” The man says. 

“I didn’t hear your return.” Zoran said with a look of perplexity in his eyes.

“No. One of my special gifts. Silent but deadly.” He said with a smirk while walking over.

Zoran looks him over as he didn’t see it before. “He is your grandfather?” Zoran asks.

“Of course.” He replies.

Zoran places his hands over his temporal region and massage. As he looks into his eyes, he sees it. He has great grandfather’s eyes as Zoran’s father and Zoran have. 

“I cared for him as long as he would allow. After placing him into a home, he suffered losing his mind. He was no longer the man who had led this family, this enterprise as he called it. Many pieces have been woven, but one was still a mystery. We had not found the dragon queen. The queen who was promised. But then, at last, a ripple in time revealed her true nature.” He claims.

Zoran’s ears must be deceiving him as this man speaks of the woman he loves. The man moves in closer and takes Zoran’s hand as he tries to pull it away. But he is locked in place as the man orders him to look into his eyes. His body calms as if he is no longer in control. In the man’s eyes, he sees great grandfather.

Mr. D is running after a small, brown child in a jungle. He catches up to her lifting her in the air. “I love you so much.” He whispers.

Just then the man closes his eyes breaking his hold on Zoran. 

“I have been searching for you a long time cousin. We always end where we began. All these years searching for her and you end up her lover.” He says.

“Let’s say I believe you. Why are you holding me and our friends against our will?” Zoran asks. 

“I am not. Your friends are perfectly safe.” He replies.

“I need proof of life.” Zoran said. 

“Fine. Follow me.” He says.

Zoran follows the man from the room down a short corridor to a wooden door. They enter to find Musfall and Molly sitting at a table eating. Musfall jumps up and runs towards Zoran embracing him. 

“I was worried about you.” Musfall states.

“Were you?” Zoran questions.

“The two of you look comfortable.” Zoran said.

“We have not been harmed if that is what your concern is.” Musfall said.

Molly walks over.

“My memories are shady, but I betrayed my husband and my friends, but I don’t understand why I would do such a thing. I was burning and then I wasn’t. You called me back somehow. Somehow I was in the house. That is all I recall.” She claims.

“So you are from Zaylen. Is Kalera alive?” Zoran asks.

“Last I saw her, yes.” She replies. 

The tall man walks over.

“Look everyone here is family, your family and we all have one goal. Our goal is to protect this land and prepare it for what lies ahead. Kalera will need us. All of us.” He claims. 

Zoran turns to Musfall.

“I am supposed to believe all of this. And this dude is my grand cousin. Musfall what do you believe?” He asks.

“I believe in protecting my friends. Kalera is my friend. These people know things they should not.” He said. 

“Cousin, you are free to go. I will not stop you. That is your choice but Musfall and Molly want to remain here. The eggs and the stone will as well.” The man claims. 

Zoran ponders as he looks at a volt begging to open. The tall man enters and Zoran follows him.

“What is your name?” Zoran asks. 

Just then the ground begins to quiver as alarms sound.

“Breach!” He screams.

Cracks rise in the forward wall as fault lines. The men and women scramble but show no emotion. They are either prepared or have been through this before. All Zoran can think of are the eggs and the stone, but his new-found cousin is out of my sight.

“Musfall. Molly. Let’s go!” He shouts. 

Zoran sees a volt door lowering on the floor as bullets rain down. A loud bang leaves a ringing in his ears as the forward wall falls. A tank rolls in as snipers take positions.

“Take no prisoners except the ones we seek by order of the President. Do not underestimate them. Kill them all.” A man orders.

Zoran, Musfall, and Molly flee for the floor volt before it locks completely. Zoran lifts, they climb in and seal the door. Down a never-ending ladder into a series of tunnels, they ascend focusing long enough to see a silhouette of a man so they follow.

Before long they reach an open door. Moving inside they find Zoran’s cousin. 

“Come here and help me. I received a message I will not divulge to you, but we will be okay.” He says.

He retrieves a metal box with a glow from the inside, so Musfall knows it’s the stone.

“Where are the eggs?” Zoran asks.

“They are there. Grab those brown cases.” He orders.

Zoran lifts both handing one to Musfall.

The man hands two duffle bags to Molly. 

“By the way, my name is Jerimiah, but you can call me Jerry.” He announces.

We follow him into a set of tunnels.

“What about your family up there?” Zoran asks.

“They know what to do.” He replies.

“That was the military back there, though I could not connect their uniforms to the known branches.” Zoran said. 

“They are not a part of any traditional branch. After the dragon showed up the president got involved. Whatever hex was placed over them wore off, but the technology was wiped clean. There was no proof of Kalera or the dragon, but there is always a bug in the system. They found a way to bring up the footage, and a general took it straight to the President. Every soldier and cop there that day were killed. Now we are dealing with a group of off-book solders. But we have dealt with them before.” He informs.

“Why would the president want you dead?” Zoran asks.

“He needs me more than he knows.” Jerimiah respond. 

They begin to pick up the pace soon glaring upon the light up ahead. Just then a lone wolf rolls in.

“Freeze! You drop the box and you the cases or I will shoot.” The soldier orders.

Zoran turns to Jerimiah. Lowering everything, we put our hands up.

“Put your hands up!” He orders as Musfall approaches him chanting. 

“Are you sure that’s what you want me to do young man?” Musfall answers.

Slowly Jerimiah puts his hands behind his head and black clouds roll in as he whispers. Lighting strikes his hands sending the voltage to the soldier knocking him to the ground sending a bullet into Musfall.

Musfall hits the ground and they run over. Blood is spewing from his wound and mouth. 

“No. No.” Zoran cries. 

Musfall tries to speak, but his words are garbled and then silence.

Zoran turns to Jerimiah.

“This is your fault. What have you done?” He screams.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean for this. But we have to go. Now.” He said.

They retrieve the cases and bags.

“We can’t just leave him here!” Zoran shouts. 

“We must!” Jerimiah shouts back.

Tears fall from Zoran’s face as they bolt and do not stop until they came upon a large boat. Hopping on, Jerimiah goes for the keys as Zoran unties it from the dock. Speeding away, Zoran leans on a door sobbing. Molly moves to Zoran taking his hand. 

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