Throwback Thursday: Zaylen Style


This blog space is going through a bit of a change by way of the flow of posts.

Some posts will occur weekly and others biweekly. Check out the new schedule under updates after this post!

This week’s throwback Thursday is all about the Zaylen Realm! Why is it considered a throwback? Well, the first book in the Dawn Series is officially two years old, so that makes this post a throwback that I still believe in!

Kalera knew something was amidst when her eyes focused to see a long black wall, and the sky, a spectrum with a full blue moon.

The realm of Zaylen is a spectacular world from my imagination first appearing to me in a dream.

After dreaming about it, I decided to develop it more in my writing journal before I could forget about it.

Zaylen has one star that provides its light. The sun is orange and red flames, but the corona is a spectrum like a rainbow radiating the sky.

The realm has a blue moon at night. Time is calculated by full blue moons. By way of the earth’s rotation and our number system, time is slower in Zaylen. Five moons are about two weeks on earth. 

Zaylen is full of native creatures and humans.

There are dragons ( believed to be extinct), condors, dogs ( wild dogs and extinct Cors), auroch cattle, bats, black sabertooth panthers, lyrths, crees, giant rainbow spiders, and teals.

The people are human, but some are different.

Shellions are women who possess power because they process the world using 50% of their brains.

Dreds are men who were born with powers called dark magic.

S.Gs (Special Gifted) were born with powers called light magic. They can manipulate the elements, read minds, etc.

More and more of Zaylen came to mind as Palera Dawn and now Dawn of The Dragon progressed.

The downside is so much of the realm could not be explored in Palera Dawn and even Dawn of The Dragon because I’m a new author. The upside is there is so much deleted material that can be shared and prequels that can be written.

I will not stop believeing in the magic of the realm and the many blessings bestowed.

Dawnies, I hope you all enjoyed the dive into Zaylen. Moving on to announcements.


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