Maintain Your Mystery: Your Light Matters

Hello Dawnies, and welcome to Motivation Monday!

My grandmother use to always say, “Leave something for them to wonder about.”

I must admit, I didn’t fully grasp what she meant until I became an adult.

One of the many reasons was that my generation watched the new technological age come into existence, especially by way of communication. As technology advanced, so did our exposure to any and everything. It was no longer just about what we watched on T.V.

This overexposure meant that our lives were subject to be put on display. You almost feel like you have to share everything about your life with everyone, but don’t believe the hype. Always leave something for them to wonder about.

The mystery will always make you the coolest. It allows you to hold on to some of the most important parts of you.

Now, I’m not saying to lie about who you are, but I am saying you don’t have to give everything away all at once. Besides, giving everything away all at once can bring about stress and anxiety. What happens once you have nothing else left to give? Nothing to give anyone nor nothing left for yourself.

Think about it.

This includes your family and close friends. You are important. You are cool. You need you. Your light matters. Remember that and go forth and have a marvelous Monday Dawnies.

Talk Soon,

Author A.H. Washington

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