Great on Purpose

I do not own the rights to this image.

The world has been sent into a whirlpool for some time now. This past weekend was no different. Dawnies, by now all of you have heard of the passing of Chadwick Boseman. To his family, friends, and aquantances, I offer my condolences.

The world has not only loss an iconic role model, but also a genuine and loving human being.

Around the black community, this lost is heartfelt. So many of us (children and adults alike) saw him as a beacon for his portrayal of iconic black people from history and Marvel’s Black Panther.

Black Panther gave much hope to the often forgotten and marginalized black community. He was a hero to all. Though his passing is devastating, I want everyone to grab on to your passions and find your purpose.

Great on Purpose is the motto at the elementary school where I teach. In all things, be great. Be the best version of yourself in any situation in time and at that moment.

Moments may include failures, disappointments, doors slammed in your faces, people consistently telling you no. All those moments, “The harder way” as Mr. Boseman said will help you find your purpose.

“Purpose crosses disciplines.” Said Mr. Boseman. I know this to be true. How many of us focused more on our job or career rather than seeking our purpose first? I know I did. That’s why I have two degrees hanging on my wall as decorations. Sometimes we have to go around and around a roller coaster before learning who we truly are.

Worry not! No human learns their purpose out of the gate. It takes time, but during that time you are still great.

Have a marvelous Monday!


I do not own the rights to this image.


Remember to be great!


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