Chapter 17: Boilos: Dawn of The Dragon

Image by: ledaryuga: DeviantArt

Good afternoon Dawnies! This week has been full of preparation for Dawn of The Dragon’s big launch day and migraines!

Today, I’m feeling a bit better. Below you will find draft copies for Dawn of The Dragon chapter 17! I’m posting an additional blog today for Dawn of The Dragon announcements.

This draft contains scenes describing violence, including death.

Happy reading!

Chaos erupts all around as Tomas struggles to take aim at a saber tooth panther. He shoots but misses as one rips the flesh from the bone of a slave not two feet from him.  An arrow flies over Tomas’ head striking it.

Turning to find Molly has hit the target spot on. Moving in her direction, Tomas is blocked by an Enforcer.



The image of Shelleann’s burnt body is at the forefront of his mind as he moves his right foot forward thrusting his blade towards Tomas’ chest. Bending his upper torso back toward the ground he misses. Snapping back in place, their swords meet. Tomas swings and swings thrusting his body forward as his love for his wife radiates through him.





The Enforcer’s head leaves his body rolling into the mouth of a saber.

Tomas runs as the big cat leaps for him. Its sharp claws impale Tomas’ shoulders as it spun impaling it deeper. He gauges its giant eyes as it strikes for his neck.


The beast roars as two arrows penetrate its thick fur, muscle, and bone nearly striking Tomas.

Molly screams as she pulls and jerks releasing the monster’s claws from Tomas’ flesh. Standing to his feet, he gazes looking for any of the slaves from their platform, but they are either scattered or dead. Then his attention turns to Ager.

Shereen and Lord Boolong are speaking to Ager with concerned faces. Ager rises and walks through the curtain along with the ten Shellions. Turning to Molly Tomas realizes something more is wrong.

The metal platforms and cages erupt sending shrapnel throughout the area. Everyone gets down, but not soon enough. Tomas pulls a piece from Molly’s hand as everyone attempts to flee, but it is too late.

Jubilant screams are now sounds of panic and fear as people trample each other. While others are toppling over onto the arena floor. Reaching the exit, they are jolted back as Tomas anxiously clutch his sword, and Molly opens and closes her hands around the bow. Their eyes are fixed on people falling, splitting their heads on stone as an unknown power forces its way through them.

 The sabers still standing have a sense of calm about them as if they were not wild beast. Laying their bodies on the floor, they stare as fire penetrates as an arch behind them.

Tomas turns to Molly. We protect each other as best we can. No matter what, you have been a friend. It has been an honor. The fire ceases as the arch freezes before them.


The ice falls upon them striking the sand becoming a whisk of dusk. As it clears, he appears. His army stretching beyond the city into the outlands. Tomas taking his eyes to the sky notices a barrier. Thousands of Death Claws awaiting their master’s orders stomp their feet in the ground.


The flight was long as Molly sobs. Zoran assumes it was for Musfall though she did not know him. Zoran hands her a tissue.

“I didn’t know him that well, but  Musfall was a good man.” He says.

Molly looks to him. Your friend. I am sure he was good. I am thinking of my husband and children. How could I have betrayed the man who saved me from the horrors of the realm?

Zoran takes her hand and leans her head on his shoulder. She closes her eyes, falling into a deep sleep. Snapshots of her past fill her deepest thoughts. She sees the day she had become of age. The day it was time for her to go to Liber for training.

Several moons had passed when Molly woke up one morning with blood on her hay. Her day had come. She bleeds and now she is considered a handmade. Molly was sold to the highest bidder and taken to Ta’l for services.

A big man with missing teeth took her into the cellar of a brothel where she was met by several men. They did all matter of disgusting things to her. Three moons had passed. Instead of going back to Liber for a rest, Molly’s master booked her once more. He allowed Molly to clean up as best she could. New garments were placed on her bruised, broken body. The makers came in to place powders and colors on her lightly tanned face. Her brunet hair was tied up and red sandals slid on her feet.

Wobbling, Molly walked to the chambers she was assigned. Knocking softly, the long door opened.

“Sit.” A deep voice sounded.

This was different because she was not invited to sit before. While sitting she surveyed the room. Noticing women’s clothing, she assumed she was not alone and she was right. Three other women were there sitting in darker corners. Confused, she looked at the floor to see drops of blood. Her eyes followed the blood to a closed door. The voice sounded once more.

“Walk towards me.” He spoke.

She did her best to walk in the dark. Reaching the door, he asks her to open it. She does and to her surprise, she sees armed men. Not knowing what to think, she just stood there as it was clear they had taken the life of someone else.

“I am not here to hurt you, but to free you. Lord Hiddard Larks is my name. A Bram I am and you will be safe with me.” The man said. 

Molly had never heard of a Bram. Not knowing what to do, she figured it could not be any worse than what she had just experienced. The men grabbed their swords and opened a door to the cellar. Lord Larks took her hand and pulled her down the stairs.

Along the way, the men had to kill several guards. Molly knew they were masters of war or at least what she believed masters of war were. Afraid but with great gratitude, she mustered up enough courage to ask the leader if he knew the Dawns.

“I do not, but we fight in their name and honor,” Hiddard says. 

They crawled through the city’s sewer making it to the port at last. Exiting, they ran to a small boat. Unnoticed, they entered the boat and headed for the ship. Upon the ship, Molly thanked her rescuer. 

Molly opens her eyes to find the jet has landed. Zoran hands her a bottle of water. 


The Death Claws leader, Boilos appears and ascends his hands as he speaks. Mor lop sen thi wol mi.

The saber-tooth panthers convulse and foam a green liquid from their mouths as they fall to the ground.




Their limbs meld stretching longer and wider as their tongues limp. Opening their bloodshot eyes, they rise, now standing about six feet on all fours. They look to him as to await commands.

He takes steps further into the ring speaking in the dead language once more. This time the dead as the sabers rise. Among them are the charred bodies of Shelleeann, Sundo, Celest, and Genna. Fire and flame is his game. He sends a breath towards them causing cracks in their skin. Between the cracks glow orange and red as lava. They walk towards Boilos as Tomas and Molly weep, falling to the ground.

Stepping further in until he reaches the center, he halts.

I feel your turmoil for you are weak, worthless humans, but as a morph, you can be so much more. Do not fear me, for I seek to liberate you, but why stop here. I will go beyond this realm into the next and into the next until all are mine. The dead were dead and animals are without thoughts, so I offer all of you a choice as I did in Toan and Bram. They now stand with me along with the force of the Dark Forest. Kneel before me and make me your master or burn to rise no more. Believe me, Rose will not protect you.

Turning to Genna, looking her in the eyes, she moves in the crowd. Tomas hears a familiar voice screaming. It is Ager. His garments are seared and skin is falling from his right arm.

Look at your feeble King. He wants to control you, not me. He believes his Shellions can save him. I attest to you the falsehood of his claim. You see, I do not accept Shellions as Death Claws for they are weak, only relining on their magic. But alive, they can serve a purpose.

A Death Claw walks to Boilos throwing Lord Boolong at his feet. Boolong stands, grasping his sword.


His head rolls as blood stains the sand before he could remove his sword from its scabbard. Boilos blows on his body, setting it ablaze. Ager’s eyes fixed on what he has just seen. He speaks.

“You are right. I am weak. But I am also valuable. There is something you seek more than the havoc you want to sow. You seek the Dawn. You want her, but you will not have her without me. As you stand here, the Shellions you so boldly speak of have locked the wall with a spell. The spell will keep you from traveling south. Only the death of all ten of them will release it. Let me go and promise me this Realm, and I will bring her to you alive.”

Boilos, placing his hand over his brown chin, looks upon Ager with his lavender eyes. Turning, he and Ager vanish then reappears.

Boilos morphs. His skin cracks as fire rolls from two wings protruding his back. He grabs Ager’s wrist and he screams. Letting go, he morphs back into the hairless man with brown skin and lavender eyes.

“I accept your offer and as a token of good faith, I allow you to leave for your Ta’l city taking these living humans with you. Bring the dragon to me and you shall remain King of this Realm until your death.” Boilos declares. 

Placing his sword in its scabbard, Tomas turns to Molly. “This is our chance.”

Enforcers in the ring near Ager. He orders them to round up the people. They seem to have forgotten the few slaves remaining in the ring. Tomas and Molly move to a nearby pit jumping in. They manage to run into a tunnel as fast as they can. The tunnel is blocked. Molly pounds with her fist and screams. The death and awaking of the children are beginning to sink in.

Looking in her eyes, Tomas embraces her and tells her how proud they would be of her unwavering bravery in the games. While holding one another, the wall of the tunnel begins to fall. They jump back, coughing from the particles filling the air. As it clears, light enters the tight space and they see her face. 

“Crystal. I have not seen you in many moons.” Tomas cries. 

“I have been busy. We must hurry. We ten scattered after hexing the wall. Donegal, your Queen nears here. We must stop her for she must do as you have already asked. She must take the eggs to Mount Mahar.” Crystal says. 

“Do you know where she is?” Donegal asks.

“Yes. She has reached Bram. As one of the ten, I can’t get near her.” She replies.

“Why not?” Ask Molly.

“I wish I knew.” She responds.

“Come, I have been working on a new spell. Do you trust me?” She asks.

“Of course,” Tomas replies. 

“Take her hand, and you take mine.” She says.

She looks to the sky and shouts. “Fin yole, fin tee!” Again and Again, until a swirling wind surrounds them.


“Ah.” Tomas whispers as he hears Molly’s groan. Standing to his feet he sees her dusting off her arms and legs as Crystal steps to them. Tomas’ shoulders begin to gush, and Crystal lays hands over them. A red light glows from her fingers as his arms burn. He cringes as she releases. The bleeding stops and the wound scabs.

The terrain has changed since Boilos has been there. Crystal bids them a good fortune as they move toward the chard castle.

They hear a loud screech and then below the clouds he appears, a blue dragon. Landing in front of them, he roars, knocking Tomas and Molly to the ground. They stand, but their vision is blurred. Someone slides down the dragon’s wing and moves in their direction. As Tomas’ eyes focus, he can see Kalera. He whispers to Molly and they both bend their knees. 

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