Chapter 18: Divulgement Part 1: Dawn of The Dragon

We have come to the end of the draft chapters. I have enjoyed sharing the the drafts with you Dawnies.

The good news is Dawn of The Dragon is live! To purchase your copy, head over to my bookshelf.

Covered with the bodies of innocents are the once famous streets of New Orleans. Without a fighting chance, a monster had its way with them. Hands trembling,  Kalera climbs over, reaching the street where it all began. Looking up, She sees him. The monster, and next to him a female with an obscured face. Both turning to a black dragon with lavender eyes.

Her hands begin to burn as he lifts from the top of the dome ascending towards her. It is as her feet are dug into the ground or a spell befalls her. Landing, he takes her hand towards his mouth and blows. They become an inferno she cannot control. She screams, incinerating her beloved city.

Opening her eyes she sees Jessup leaping as her hands are stretch forth and lit ablaze.

“Kalera!” He calls out.

“Kalera wake up!” He screams.

Her body is awake but her mind is spinning. I must destroy him. She thinks. Then without warning Xavgon’s long neck protrudes into the tent and blows a frost over her. Startled, her conscious mind resurfaces and she falls to the ground. Xavgon wants to wake the others, but she begs him not to. Their bond is complete, but she is a lot stronger than he would have guessed. 

“Xavgon, she will be alright. I will look after her.” Jessup assures.

He lifts her from the ground as Xavgon pulls away.

“Are you alright?” Jessup asks.

Staring at the ground, “I could have killed you,” She says. 

“But you didn’t.” 

“I blocked Xavgon from my thoughts. That shouldn’t be possible.” 

“Should I alarm your council? “


“You have my confidence.” 

“Thank you.” 

Walking to a make ship bed, they both sit. She stares at the dirt as Jessup carefully brings his hand to her face.

“My gifts are yours.” He says.

“What gifts?” She responds. 

“I have not shown the others yet but let me show you.”

He cuffs both hands and closes his eyes. Kalera no longer feels the ground as she looks to see they are floating. He opens his eyes and begins carefully lower them. He smiles as he gazes into her eyes. She soon remembers the man she fell in love with, in the Zaylen before.

The bed hits the ground and she snaps out of it.

“You see. I was born to serve you. Let me serve you.” 

“You will  have your chance.” 

Turning around to see everyone except Hiddard looking upon them.

“Where is Hiddard?” She asks. 

“He is near the castle,” Tomas answers as he walks towards his girl and Ton.

Kalera walks towards the castle and Maliki follows. She finds Hiddard and Molly in deep thought. He has been inconsolable since Molly and Tomas arrived. But this night, not a tear in his eyes as he holds Molly’s hand.

Kalera turns to Maliki. 

“You are invaluable, but the path we are on is too treacherous for a child. I need you to lead the girl to safety.”

I don’t wish to leave you, but my duty is to advise and serve you. What lies ahead will be no place for a child. So I will do what I must.” 

Thank you,Maliki.” 

Maliki leans in and whispers into Kalera’s ear.

Heading back Kalera approaches Tomas and Ton speaking to them about the child’s safety. Tomas and Ton both agree. 

“I didn’t think I would see my daughter nor my son ever again. But because of you, they are alive.” Tomas says. 

“It wasn’t just me. Everyone had a role to play.”  Kalera replies.

“No objection here as long as I’m with you, my Queen.” Ton chimes in.

“My friends, Ager will do whatever he believes will give him some form of control over the realm including serving Boilos. So it is as Lord Donegal ask me moons ago. I will take the eggs to Mount Mahar to keep them safe. Boilos is unable to enter for he is not a Dawn. Maliki is taking the child to safety. If anyone of you wishes to go with him, I will not stop you. The path we are on is one that will bring death. The choice is yours.” She announces.

Everyone swore fealty to their queen.


It takes one moon moving south to the Shalaman road to Port Cye. They arrive to find it almost abandoned except one ship that had just docked. 

A single man exits and approaches.

“What has happened here?” He asks.

“Death Claws.” Kooloan steps forward and answers.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. You must have been smoking Dred Weeds. Or maybe I have. You look like a Kale.” He studders. 

“I’m afraid I’m not familiar with such weeds, Sir and I am a Kale.” Kooloan replies. 

“Your face is quite serious my lady.” He turns to Kalera and says. 

Molly and Ton approach.

“She is no lady. You stand in the presence of Kalera a Dawn descendent.” Molly declares. 

“Ha. Ha. Ha. A Dawn. I think I believe in the Death Claws.” He says as Xavgon barrows down upon him.


“Do you believe now?” Ask Molly.

His face sinks as he is taking in the sight.

“I have no time for you to feel. Can you sail us south?” Kalera asks.

“South.” He responds.

“Yes. To Grayler.” She replies. 

“Grayler?” He asks.

“I would not go back south for a sack of gold.” He replies.

“How about two sacks.” Donegal interrupts.

“Tomas Donegal.” He announces.

“Crabs!” Donegal replies.

“It is so good to see you alive. My father waited for you, but he never told me why.” He says.

“Where is Krake now?” Donegal asks.

“He is dead.” He says.

“I’m sorry Crabs.” Donegal says.

“He died a free man and that’s all he wanted.” He says.

“This is the one true Queen. We have gold and two extra meres.” Donegal announces.

“What are we waiting for?” He asks.

They board the ship.

“She isn’t much. But she has survived many calamities. She will get us to Grayler.” Crabs says.

Kooloan and Jessup try coaching the meres onto the ship but they refuse.



They sound as they try turning back.

Rome moves towards them and barks. 



Closing her eyes, Kalera runs her hands under their chest and they calm.

Kalera looks to Xavgon, giving him permission to stay above the clouds. He would rather her fly, but she cannot risk them both being open to attacks. 

Kooloan, Ton, Donegal, and Jessup lifts the anchor while Crabs raises the sails. 

Two Moons had come and gone and yet the Green Sea remains calm. Xavgon dives below the clouds into the water like a bullet.

“How many of those creatures are you going to eat my son?” Kalera asks. 

“Just a few more.” He responds.

Smiling at him, she thinks about how lonely this world must be for him. He has her, but none of his kind. “Do not worry for me Mother.” He says. And he is right,  She should not, but as any mother would, Kalera worries.

As he soars beyond, Kalera sees Crabs lower the mandible drop.

“He takes some getting used to.” She says to him.

“Yes. He is incredible to see.” Crabs replies.

“Thank you.” She says. 

“For?” He asks.

“For your ship.” She says. 

“Well, you know your dragon kind of had something to do with it.” 

“Your father was funny when he could afford to be.”

“You knew my father? He never mentioned you.”

“Well, this is going to sound a bit odd, but …” 

“After what I have seen, I am sure I can handle it.” 

“I met Krake, your father, in another time. It was Zaylen, but different. In that Realm, I met your father during desperation. He pledged his army and his sword to a young woman who had no idea who she was. As first in command in my council, he helped me form an alliance with Micah. Without him, I would have never have met Tomas Donegal, nor had the tactical advantage needed to best Ager.” 

“This man sounds much like my father.” 



Lighting erupts as the sky opens and the waves crash against the ship like stones. “Man overboard!” Kalera screams.

 It happened so fast, but Crabs is gone. Tomas and Kooloan try running over as they are forced against the walls and wooden planks. Closing her eyes, and seeing a light, she whispers, Shenan.

“I see him. There!” She yells to them. 

Xavgon dives sending a wave over the ship as his massive claws scoop Crabs. Hiddard and Molly make for the anchor as they see a magnificent sight. The waves are frozen in time.

“I’m not sure how long, I can hold.” Kalera announces. 

Help stands behind her as Jessup sends bolts into her powering her shield.


Instantly, from the sea, six gigantic black creatures with long tentacles, white eyes, and serrated teeth appear. With Xavgon at the stern and the creatures looping knots around the hull, they pull. He blew a breath moving forward as they steadied and pulled until the sun illuminates the crystal, clear, waters.

Kalera turns her palms inward then outward raising the water several feet into the air then back from whence it came. After lowering her arms, she immediately sinks to the floor. Jessup lifts her as she looks into his eyes.

“Than…” She says before passing out in Jessup’s arms. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed the drafts. Find out what happens next and edit changes by purchasing your copy.

Next week, I will begin sharing deleted scenes and an possible scenes for book three.

Stay tuned!

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