Writers Write: Find Your Voice

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Dawnies, I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Welcome to motivation Monday. Today, I would like to take some time to motivate fellow writers to find your voice.

Some may say finding your voice is the same as finding your niche, but I believe voice/niche can be similar but very different.

When looking for our niche, we must first identify our interests or passions. Then we must determine how our niche can serve others (market). Will our niche entertain or help solve problems? Finally, we must test our idea to see if the market bites.

When finding your voice, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people (your tribe) to start. You will need to draw on your own experiences (your story), and connect with people who are similar outside of your tribe. While you are at it, express yourself in different ways.

As writers, I will assume you have already found your niche. Have you found your voice?

James Scott Bell describes voice for novice and advanced writers/authors alike. Scott said, “Character background and language filtered through the author’s heart and rendered with craft on a page equals voice.”

Finding your voice as the writer/author is the only way for your niche to matter. Think about it. As a fiction writer, your job is to entertain readers. In order to do so, you must develop characters your readers can root for and connect with. When developing those characters, you put a part of yourself or your tribe out there. You and those characters are symbiotic. Without symbiosis, you won’t truly be passionate or care about your characters.

So, today I challenge you Dawnies. I challenge you to find your voice as you write. If you are a successful author, then by all means continue to do what has worked for you. If you are a novice author, understand that finding your voice will also help you grow your readership.

What about the characters I have already written for stories that are published? Think about this. Have you received negative reviews? I know negative reviews get you down because you are human. To answer that question, your next move is up to you. If the book is newly published and you can afford to do a little update to your files, do so. If you are well beyond that point, it is what it is. What matters is how you move forward.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late for you as a writer/author or for your characters. You can always give them a new voice through character histories, short stories, prequels, etc. Create new characters that you and your audience can connect and grow with.

Scott suggests a strategy he developed called CAP (Character, Author, Page). For more information on CAP, I suggest his book titled Voice: The Secret Power of Great Writing.

Thanks for opening and reading your motivation in my little realm today.

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