Dawn of The Dragon Deleted Scenes: Epilogue


I have begun releasing Dawn of The Dragon deleted scenes. I’m super excited to release the epilogue.


Disembarking their ship at Oodor’s port, Tomas and Hiddard are met by several armed guards with their weapons drawn.

“State your business!” Shouts a guard.

“I need to speak with Lord Tarl,” Tomas Said. 

The guard moves in closer and Tomas looks him in the eyes. “I will state my business to him.”

“You will state your business to no one. Outsiders aren’t welcome here. Get back on your ship and leave.”

Both Tomas and Hiddard turn to one another and then back to the guard. Simultaneously they release their swords from their scabbards. The odds are against them for they are outnumbered, but the cost of them not getting an audience with Lord Tarl will be even greater.

As they prepare to engage a horn sounds. Hundreds of armed guards make their way to the port as more lines above the stone gate and wall. A tall brown skin man with short hair (nearly bald) and brown eyes walks towards them invading their personal space, so they can smell the crees on his breath.

Hiddard gazes into the man’s eyes as Tomas notices the thick scar tissue on the left side of his face.

“Ha. I must say, the both of you are either incredibly brave or inherently stupid to come here,” He said.

“We need an audience with Lord Tarl,” Said Tomas.

“We allow no one beyond our walls. Not even nobles such as yourselves. Even King Ager would be denied entry. Whatever you’re selling, we don’t want it or we have enough of it.”

“So you all will just ignore what is happening in the realm. Did you not notice the smoke from Grayler?”

“We noticed, and mind our own business as we have for many moons. We pay a hefty tax, therefore; King Ager and the Facers allow us to live as we please.”

“Does he now?” Tomas Said. Gripping his sword, “Then why did we spot many of your ships leaving the port as we docked? Please don’t pretend to be ignorant to what’s happening Lord Tarl.”

A screeching sound from above startles everyone. They look up to see a blue dragon circling the port. The archers aim at him, but Lord Tarl forbids them from firing as Xavgon lands behind Tomas and Hiddard.

Both Tomas and Hiddard rubs Xavgon’s leg and smile.

Lord Tarl stares into Tomas’ eyes for a moment and then backs away. Sweat falls from his forehead to his eyelashes. He sniffs, wipes away the sweat, and then walks forward again gazing upon the dragon. He turns and looks at his commander and orders him to open the gates. He backs up as a mere is brought over to him. He mounts the mere and takes off into the city.

“I guess you are most welcome!” The commander shouts.

The guards on the ground about-faces marching through the gate. Tomas and Hiddard follow behind the commander.


Ton and Crabs stand near the bow of the ship. They are sailing the long way around Thaves and Raw in order to bypass Ta’l. Once they reach the wall, they know of the danger they face. Luckily, Crystal supplied Ton’s father with Shellion dusk. Magic powder used in her transportation spell.

Ton is no Shellion so he worries about using the spell. His father assured him that when he speaks into the tolean cloth, the words will sound as if they are from the mouth of Crystal herself.

If all goes well, they should have enough dusk to land in the north at or near Lest.

Before reaching the edge of Thaves, Both Tomas and Crabs notice massive warships. Each ship bearing the insignias of their houses. The young men know it will be impossible for them to dock so they abandon ship into a small boat.

Worried, they both make the decision to use the dusk before reaching land. As they look again, they see a horrible sight. Death Claws ravishing the ships near the edge of Thaves.

“We must get to Lest before the Death Claws, They must be warned.” Shouts Ton.

The young men stop rowing, and Ton removes the tolean cloth from his inner cloak. As he stares into the cloth a cloud as black as onyx rolls in and violent strong winds begin to rock the boat and waves begin to rise.

“A Gray Storm!” Shouts Crabs.

“No, I think it’s much worse. Look there!” Ton says as he points to beams of light from the cloud not far from them.

Picking up the oars, they try turning the boat unsuccessfully. When peering into the distance, they see men, women, and Death Claws forced into the beams disappearing. They row harder and harder but the winds and waves beat against the boat sending them straight for the beams of light.

Ton takes Crabs’ hands and brings the cloth to his face. He whispers the incantation for the spell. As he does, he and Crabs are ripped from the boat.

Crabs try to hold on to Ton’s hand but it slips and he is violently forced into the light.

Ton continues the incantation as loud as he can and then…


Tomas and Hiddard wait in one of Oodor’s grand meeting chambers after a much-needed meal and rest.

“It’s about time,” Tomas whispers as the long stone doors open.

Entering is Lord Tarl, Commander of the House Guard, his Cleric, and a man wearing the armor with the insignia of a bat.

Tomas and Hiddard stands as the men make their way to the table.

“Please sit,” Lord Tarl said.

“Lord Tarl thank you for your accommodations,” Hiddard said.

“I’m grateful for your gratitude. Now, my people saw to it that your dragon had a meal. They have alerted me that he’s taken off. Where might he be going?” Lord Tarl said.

“Xavgon is not our dragon. If you are familiar with any of the customs of your realm, you would know that your sight of that dragon can only mean a Dawn has risen. Her name is Kalera and he belongs to her.” Tomas replies.

“Did he come only to abandon you?” asks the Commander of the House Guard.

“He’s not abandoning. He’s following the plan of his mother, our queen. Don’t worry his powers will protect us.” Hiddard said.

Lord Tarl assures Hiddard and Tomas he knows of the protection needed. Not only had he received a condor and had the blessing of the sight of Xavgon, but he had also received visitors lights earlier.

The doors to the chamber open and entering are Maliki, Praya, Masah, and Urien.

Tomas and Hiddard rise as Praya runs to her father.

Tomas lifts his daughter into his arms embracing her.

“I’ve missed you so much little Brat.” says Tomas.

“I’ve missed you Father.” She says.

Carefully lowering Praya to the floor, Tomas turns and walks towards Hiddard who is speaking with Maliki, Masah, and Urien.

Making their way to the table, Lord Tarl officially welcomes them. Maliki wants Tomas to know of his plight after leaving the group. He decided to make his way to the Land of No which lies beyond Lest. It’s named No because the land is owned by no one just as Taree. The Land of No is where Maliki’s brother reside.

He went there, because it was the safest place for young Praya. He also believed he could convince his brother to fight for the true queen.

Maliki arrived to find fewer than 100 Kales and the land ravished. Morph Generals had taken it. His brother had been beheaded and others taken as Death Claws. With their last ship, the Kales that were left, Maliki, and Praya made their way south. By the time they reached the Isle of Dawn, Kalera had already gone, so he convinced Masah and Urien to abandon the Isle with the youngling SGs before it was too late.

“What now?” ask Hiddard.

“We gather our full strength and march upon Ta’l.” Maliki says.


Laughs Lord Tarl.

“You have a massive army and fleet here. We need fighters!” Tomas yells.

“You want us to go against King Ager, and then somehow convince him to surrender Ta’l to us.” Said the Commander of the House Guard.

“That’s sums it up.” says Tomas sarcastically.

“No.” says Lord Tarl.

“No. Did you hear anything the Kale King just said to you? The Death Claws are on the move. How long before Boilos or his generals make it here to Oodor? You better think about taking the fight to them. Queen Kalera will need all if she is to defeat Boilos.” Says Hiddard.

“And then what? If she wins. She takes our land, our home. I can’t allow it. I won’t allow it.” Said Lord Tarl.

“I can promise you  Queen Kalera will work something out with you. She wants your freedom more than anyone, but Boilos will kill all of you. With our queen you will have a chance with him, nothing. Who would you rather serve My Lord?” asks Tomas.

The Cleric stands and speaks of a time the Brans and the Lords of Oodor worked together. Those times brought prosperity to both lands.

As the Cleric continues to plead with his Lord, the doors of the chamber open once more. Entering is a runner with a message for Tomas.

The message reads that Jessup, Micah, the SGs, and the dragon were met by Morph Generals. A battle erupted as the earth beneath them began to quake. From it, a massive light or portal of some kind sucked them inside. When the dusk cleared none remained not even the dragon.


What are your thoughts about the epilogue? Want to know how’s the connections are made to Dawn of The Dragon? Head over to the bookshelf and order your copy of Dawn of The Dragon.



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