Bootacular Realm of Gore October Writing Contest

Dawnies it’s that time of year! Spooky time! I’m pleased to announce the second annual Bootacular Writing Contest.
As a connection to Dawn of The Dragon, the theme this year is realm gore.

Contest Details:
The image list 31 scary/gore words associated with Halloween. Each word represents a short story. In other words use chosen words as a foundation for short stories. There are 31 because October has 31 days of course.

You choose. You may write 31 short stories if you are so bold, but you need to enter your best two into the contest. Either way you have 31 days to write and perfect your creations.

Story Details:
Day 1: Word was Transformation: You may use the word in your story, use the word as the theme, or create a character who will transform.

The same rules apply for each word.

Stories should be unique and no more than 1000 words.

All short stories are due Monday, November 2, 2020 by 8:00 AM.

Entering a minimum of two gives the creative more chances to win.

The winner will be announced Sunday, November 8, 2020 in the afternoon.
All entries should be emailed to with the subject line reading Bootacular.
In the body of the email, please type your contact email and name you would like added to your certificate if you win. Your story may be added to the body, but my team and I would rather you attach two separate word or pdf documents.
First Place: First place certificate and $100 cash prize
Second Place: Second place certificate and $50 cash prize
Third Place: Third place certificate and $25 cash prize
All Participants: Certificate of Participation

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Will you accept my story if it’s over 1000 words.
A. No
Q: Can I submit two 500 words short stories that will add up to 1000 words?
A: No. Both entries must be 1000 words each.
Q: As a participant, will my name appear on the certificate?
A: Your name will be written on the certificate if you are a prize winner. All others will receive a certificate of participation.
Q: How will I receive my cash prize?
A: You will receive your prize via Western Union or Cash App. Specifics will be discussed with the winners.

Yesterday’s word was vampire so I decided to share an image of my favorite vampire! Any Vampire Diaries fans?

Will your story’s main character be a vampire? Maybe your character has been bitten and is trying to do anything to keep the inevitable Transformation from happening.

Today is day three of the Bootacular Writing Contest.

Today’s word is lost. Lost can be used as a verb or adjective in writing. The movie, The Lost Boys script definitely used the word as an adjective.

Any horror movie/dark fantasy fans?

If you like to write short scary stories, this contest is for you.

Don’t forget, Dawn of The Dragon awaits. Head over to the bookshelf and purchase your copy today.

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