No Place but Up

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This week is biweekly blogging week. During these weeks you get to hear from me on Tuesdays. How perfect is it that this week is mental health awareness week?

Last week I had three crappy days. I mean I felt like crap mentally. My depression was in full swing. I remembered the words of my grandfather. Let me tell you he was a man of many words. He would always say, “You can go no place but up.”

He was right. In fact, I dedicated the rest of my day watching some of our favorite old movies. The last movie I watched was our favorite animation film, Up.

A tear-jerker, yes, but one that allows you to think about your purpose. Just when you think all is lost and that everything you had is gone or will be taken away, bright light or memories remind you as long as you are breathing you have something left to fight for.

The film Up follows a character named Carl Fredricksen who is a 78-year-old balloon salesman. I don’t want to give anything away in case you have not seen it, but just know Mr. Fredricksen had a closed heart due to being alone. A choice he made was about to bring misfortune to him until he remembered what his love always dreamed of. That dream became his purpose again and he sat out on an adventure.

Though in the film, Mr. Fredricksen went up literally, he also went up metaphorically. He met a new friend, found something worth fighting for, was disappointed, but he got right back up. Dawnies, that what we have to do when caring for ourselves.

Maybe that means getting a companion dog or pet. My grandfather’s then brother’s death four years ago sent me over the edge. In addition to depression, I had to deal with grief. That same year my labrador of 16 years had died. I vowed I would not get another dog, but the grief was tearing me apart. Though I am married and have six children I needed another animal companion. I adopted a Siberian Husky.

Maybe animals are not your thing, but do you like to travel? Traveling is a sure way to drive your mental serenity up. Now, things are a bit different because of Covid-19 but traveling is not impossible. Go to your happy place. My happy place is the beach. There is nothing like listening to the ocean and gazing up at the sky at dawn. Traveling not your thing. Maybe helping others is.

I know you may be thinking, if I am down, how can I help someone else? Believe it or not for some people this gives them purpose. For me, helping others is engraved in me. I get my humanity from, you guessed it, my grandfather. He would always say, “We think we have it bad until you find out the sufferings of others.” Sometimes supporting someone through their sufferings allows you to let go of yours if only for a little while. Helping others also allows for positive thinking.

Positive thoughts allow our minds to soar. This may sound silly but keep a positive jar. The reason I say a jar is because believe it or not as humans we need some things to be tangible. Some people have daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly jars. It’s all up to you.

Personally, I have monthly jars. I prepare them every two months. I brought two glass jars from Hobby Lobby. On one sticker I drew hearts and flowers. On another, I wrote the purpose of my jars. I titled them, “You Win: Words of Encouragement. In separate text boxes, I typed 30 or 31 positive words, printed, cut them out, and placed them inside of the jars. Every day I pull a word. Even on bad days, I pull a word to remind myself that I matter. Try it.

Remember, your mental health is so important so you must find as many ways as you can to go no place but up!

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