Big Mistake

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Dawnies, I hope everyone had a healthy, safe, restful weekend. For anyone who was affected by Hurricane Delta, you are in my thoughts.

Mondays are typically hard days for most of us so motivation is important to me. Motivation is not only important because it is Monday, but because our mental health depends on it.

Speaking of mental health, it is very important that we understand our mental health directly affects our physical health. Lacking that understanding is a big mistake.

Fixed Mindset:

People who follow after the fixed mindset typically believe their qualities are fixed traits (ex. intelligence, talents, etc.). They spend more time showing off their qualities rather than developing them. People who suffer from mental illness or have poor mental health simply ignore their qualities altogether.

Believe it or not many people have a fixed mindset. I’m not saying that it is definitely a bad thing, but I am saying if you believe you are who you are and you are not capable of development or change then you will be stuck in your reality. For most of us, that’s a negative thing. Those of us with mental illness can find ourselves stuck inside of our heads with no relief.

Growth Mindset:

People who follow after the growth mindset typically believe their qualities can be developed if they put in the effort. Putting in the effort allows for growth. Growth allows for change.

Why Does it matter?

What we feed our brains becomes our beliefs. Chad Scott, the author of Fired Up believes we should have a winner’s mindset. People who follow this mindset believes that no matter what adversity they face, they will become successful, beat a disease, etc. Mr. Scott came up with a model that helps you see how thoughts and beliefs affect emotions and actions. The model is called the Circle of Results.

Circle of Results by Chad Scott

The model suggests that our beliefs equal our thoughts, our thoughts equal our emotions, our emotions equal our actions, our actions equal results, and finally, our results equal reinforced beliefs.

True motivation comes when we follow all three mindsets with more focus on the growth and winner mindsets. If you are successful, there is no reason to believe that you have maxed out your ability to develop. Just because you believe that hard work will help you change, does not mean you won’t face additional adversity after said growth.

For many years I believed in a fixed mindset. In fact without my grandfather, who knows where I would be today. Then there are times when no matter how hard I fought, adversity seemed never ending . With that said, it was easy for me to revert back to the fixed mindset. You can see how what I believed affected me.

If you constantly tell yourself you are no good, then you will believe it. We must keep telling ourselves that we are creative, loved, appreciated, intelligent, etc. no matter the struggle. You will begin to believe those affirmations and work hard to bring your goals into the light.

Stay away from the big mistake. Believe, think, feel, do, and get the best results for you.


The raffle baskets were a hit. Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, or inquired about the baskets. With that being said, another Realm Basket will be raffled Friday. The drawing will occur on Friday, October 16, 2020.

Entry Details:

1. Sign up for the email subscription


2. Read chapter one of Dawn of The Dragon via Reedsy Discovery and leave a comment on Reedsy.…/dawn-of-the-dragon-a-h-washington…

3. Share at least 3 of my post to your stories or pages (If you follow me on social media.).

4. Follow me on social media (on Facebook: Palera Dawn on Instagram @authorahwashington).

5. Complete the survey.…

6. Purchase a paper or ecopy of Dawn of The Dragon.

In order to receive a raffle number, you must complete at least two of the above choices by Thursday, October 15, 2020. I will message you your number, or email it to you if you sign up for the email subscription. If you win, shipping is included within the United States. Once the winning number is announced, the winner has three days to claim their prize. After three days, another drawing will occur if there’s no claim.

Dawnies it’s that time of year! Spooky time! I’m pleased to announce the second annual Bootacular Writing Contest. As a connection to Dawn of The Dragon, the theme this year is realm gore. Contest


The image list 31 scary/gore words associated with Halloween. Each word represents a short story. In other words use chosen words as a foundation for short stories. There are 31 because October has 31 days of course. You choose. You may write 31 short stories if you are so bold, but you need to enter your best two into the contest. Either way, you have 31 days to write and perfect your creations.

Story Details:

Day 1: Word is Transformation: You may use the word in your story, use the word as the theme, or create a character who will transform. The same rules apply for each word. Stories should be unique and no more than 1000 words. All short stories are due Monday, November 2, 2020, by 8:00AM.

Entering a minimum of two gives the creative more chances to win. The winner will be announced Sunday, November 8, 2020, in the afternoon. All entries should be emailed to with the subject line reading Bootacular.In the body of the email, please type your contact email and name you would like added to your certificate if you win. Your story may be added to the body, but my team and I would rather you attach two separate word or pdf documents

.First Place: First place certificate and $100 cash prize

Second Place: Second place certificate and $50 cash prize

Third Place: Third place certificate and $25 cash prize

All Participants: Certificate of Participation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will you accept my story if it’s over 1000 words.

A. No

Q: Can I submit two 500 words short stories that will add up to 1000 words?

A: No. Both entries must be 1000 words each.

Q: As a participant, will my name appear on the certificate?

A: Your name will be written on the certificate if you are a prized winner. All others will receive a certificate of participation.

Q: How will I receive my cash prize?

A: You will receive your prize via Western Union or Cash App. Specifics will be discussed with the winners.

Dawnies, I hope you enter.

Female protagonists! A dragon as one of the main characters! Modern-day New Orleans and a dark otherworld. Continue the journey with Kalera and Xavgon as they ready themselves for a new threat. Queen Kalera, the protector of dragons, is stranded in the earth realm of her home city, New Orleans. Can she uncover a way back to the Zaylen Realm before both of her worlds are destroyed? Kalera has found a dimension where her heart belongs, so when she’s thrown back into modern-day New Orleans and into a dangerous standoff, she and her dragon Xavgon are desperate to find a way back. If they don’t, an evil tyrant could gain control of everything Kalera holds dear: four precious dragon eggs…Can Kalera find a way to reclaim her world and defeat a powerful foe?

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