A Long Walk to Water

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Welcome to another episode of motivation. I hope everyone had a restful, safe, healthy weekend.

In the interest of transparency, this past weekend was quite difficult for me. Yesterday marked a dreadful weekend anniversary. Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother’s death. I always hold out that each year I will feel better than the year before but that almost never happens. Maybe it would have happened this year, but Saturday I was bombarded with disheartening news. I felt defeated, ineffective, and unsettled.

After communicating my frustrations and moments of grief to my husband, I felt a little relief. Specifically, I felt relief when he uttered four words to me, “A long walk to water.” My husband hadn’t uttered those words to me in a long time.

A Long Walk to Water is a story by Linda Sue Park. The story is written in two parts. The first part is based on Salva and the setting is in 1985 (actual events). The second part is based on Nya and the setting is in 2008 (fiction). The author wrote this book in part to shed light on civil unrest and how the people in South Sudan needed water. According to Treehugger.com South African women and children walk a daily distance equivalent to 16 trips to the moon and back to fetch water.

When my husband says the title of one of his favorite books to me, he’s telling me it’s time for me to replenish. Yes, I received bad news. Yes, I am grief stricken, but there is more. I am bone dry. My well is barren.

Is your well barren? When is the last time you have all replenished yourselves?

Think about it. Our bodies are made up of 55 to 60 percent of water. Water covers 70.9 percent of the earth’s surface. Water is life. Think of this another way. Your mind needs metaphorical water flows so that you are constantly replenished. How far are you willing to walk for your water? While you are thinking of your response, read beyond for tips to get your mental cup full.

  1. Take a trip alone (I don’t mean to do something required like grocery shopping.).
  2. Write positive affirmations or pull from your daily positive affirmation jar.
  3. Become one with nature.
  4. Do not take work home.
  5. Set monthly goals (set short objectives to help you achieve your main goal.)
  6. Journal
  7. Read
  8. Exercise
  9. Drink more water.
  10. Try to sleep at least six to eight hours a night.
  11. Communicate with companions.
  12. Follow doctor/therapist advice.
  13. If you can’t take a trip alone any time soon, take one day a week just for you (Do this as often as possible.).
  14. Meditate
  15. Share your experiences (If you are up to doing so.).

Thank you for taking the time to read my little corner of the realm.

Will you commit to one or more than one of the replenishing tips? Comment which tip or tips you will try.

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