Good evening Dawnies,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. This past weekend I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary.

To celebrate 21 years is a miracle by today’s standards. The celebration got me to thinking about many things, specifically FCS.

The F in FCS is for focus. I”ll admit, depending on your thought process, focusing is sometimes hard. The more broad a thing, situation, or goal is the harder it is to focus.

Confidence and strength are also a must when it comes to reaching fantastic levels of success and growth.

Beginning with the end in mind allows us to plan the steps it will take reach our goals but again that end is often broad so we must focus on those smaller details, the objectives.

One of this country’s most elite forces, The Navy Seals uses what is called microfocus. Focus strictly on the task at hand instead of the big picture.

Yes, those brave souls want to become seals, but they must prove they are the best of the best. So during harsh and extreme combat exercises, future seals must focus not only on becoming a seal but on that moment. At that moment the only thing the seal should think of is moving his hands. If his hands move, so will his arms, upper torso, legs, etc.

For my author friends, instead of worrying about finishing a book, concern yourself with writing the next word then sentence, and paragraph.

You can apply microfocus to any aspect of your life. So FCS.

Happy Monday!

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