A Look Inside: The Dawn Series: Book Three


Welcome to a look inside of The Dawn Series Book Three. Check out the premise and beyond. Answer the following:

What do you think of the premise?

For those who have read books one and two, how do you feel about this short look inside?

Happy reading.

Look Inside:

Premise Statement:

A queen must break her father’s hex before he discovers the way to use her and her dragons to usher in a literal hell on earth.

Morph generals gaze upon Kalera while she trains.

The four Elemento Dragons encase Kalera, raining their wrath upon her impenetrable shield. Flagon erupts, sending flames, magma, and ash while Drake spews boiling water. Waygon opens his ferrous mouth releasing a powerful gust that the queen continues to withstand.

The three dragons cease attacks as Zarion unleashes debris of soil and razor-sharp seeds that erupts into indestructible trees.

Kalera’s shield forces Zarion to retreat when Cruor, Kalera’s father’s dragon attacks from within weakening her shield and bringing her to her knees.

Her eyes bulge, and in agony, she turns towards the generals who are finding amusement in her suffering. They turn their aged necks, gazing into one another’s cold black eyes. For the first time, Kalera sees smirks on their pale decrepit faces.

A bright light penetrates the stone floor and a portal opens; Boilos floats from inside.

“Enough Cruor! Your work is done for now. Take the Elementos and feed.”

The general’s faces are again lifeless as Kalera stands. Boilos looks at them and they exit the chamber straight away.

“You did well my child,” Boilos said.

“You call that well? Cruor nearly killed me.”

“Ha. Ha. He can’t kill you.”

“So say you.”

Boilos takes his daughter’s hands into his.

“Visit the gardens today. You are missed there.”

He knows Kalera hates the place that has so much life, but also death.

Out of the transparent magma glass window she looks upon flowers of every color and some multiple spectrums. The onyx soil glistened as spuds seeped through the dirt. Coils chirped as they awaited their mother’s meals, but some won’t return for they were made meals themselves.

Some unlucky enough not to succumb to their injuries right away had fallen into the leaf wasteland.  The wasteland of the garden is where Kalera’s mother’s body lies. Queen Palera’s final resting place.

It is believed that her body is the reason the trees only bring forth life for a short time and then wither away leaving only their pale leaves. 

It had been many blue moons, so maybe her father is right. Maybe she should visit the gardens. Without another word, Boilos opens a portal and beacons Kalera to walk inside. She closes her eyes and enters.

Exiting the portal, she opens her eyes to her mother’s tomb and a statue commemorating her final ride on her dragon Brogo.

Kalera’s memory of her mother was faint. She remembers her teachings on how to care for dragon eggs and how to bond with them once they hatched. Though the bonding didn’t take much. The hatchlings were intelligent. They knew who their protectors were. Once they hatched, one look is all it took to bond the great beast as they matured into full-grown dragons.

She remembers the sweet sounds of the lullaby her mother would sing. Beyond that, only her death.

How could she be immortal if her mother is dead? How could the Goddess Rose allow humans to take Palera’s life? She wants to know why and to understand her role as a war commander. She wants to understand her connection to humans. There must be more otherwise she would hate them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been distant and failing to visit you. I need you now more than ever,” Kalera whispers. “I wish you were here. Father and I are lost without you. Humans are planning to revolt once more. The Goddess will activate us and we will shed their blood to maintain order. You know I despise this. What must I do?”

Kalera could only hear the sound of her own voice and the chatter of life from the other side of the garden when a familiar twinge flows from the base of her neck to the center of her cranium.

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