Free Story Draft: A Psalm of Dawns and Dragons: Chapter 1

Welcome to winter wonderland. Well that depends on what region of the world you live in. No matter the region, I’m hoping all is well for you and all connected to you.

I have been away for a while, but I can’t allow my today to ruin my tomorrow.

Many of you have been anticipating book three updates so now we are here. This evening, I’m sharing with you the first draft copy of chapter one. Happy reading.

Chapter 1:

When humans go bump in the night, the Morphs are the ones who bump back.

During a period of lastingness, a time before time, the Gods created the realms and all manner of creatures for themselves believing they could occupy the lands in their spiritual forms. They were wrong and would learn only physical bodies could survive the worlds they meticulously spawned.

The Gods decided they would manufacturer physical bodies for their spirits to possess. Their plans failed. God’s spirits were too powerful for the physical hosts so it was decided. If they could not possess the bodies, they would use a tiny portion of their light to give life.

Before their experiment began, they created great beast they called dragons that could wield the power of the four elements needed to maintain the realms. Before long, and after many failed attempts, life prevailed in the bodies they would call human mortals.

The Gods rushed the humans into existence. Truth be told, they got bored. Each of them wanted to out conceive the other. By their almighty accounts, the realms were their canvases and the humans their masterpieces. They should’ve just stopped at the dragons.


The aroma of rotten flesh teased the Elemento Dragons that encased Kalera. Their wrath raging down on her like an avalanche of grey storms pounding her impenetrable shield. Flagon, the fire dragon erupted flames, magma, and ash while Drake, the water dragon spewed boiling water. Waygon, the air dragon opened his ferrous mouth releasing a powerful gust that the Morph queen continued to withstand.

They ceased attacks when Zarion, the earth dragon unleashed debris of soil and razor-sharp seeds that erupted into indestructible trees.

Kalera’s shield forced Zarion to retreat when Cruor, Kalera’s father’s dragon attacked from within weakening her shield which brought her to her knees.

Her eyes bulged, and in agony, she turned towards the Morph generals who were finding amusement in her suffering. They twisted their aged necks, gazing into one another’s cold black eyes. For the first time, Kalera saw smirks on their pale decrepit faces.

An intense light penetrated the stone floor when a portal opened; Boilos, the Morph king, drifted from inside.

“Enough Cruor! Your work is done for now. Take the Elementos and feed.”

The general’s faces were again frozen and lifeless as Kalera stood. Boilos’ gaze was a clue and they exited the chamber straight away.

“You did well my child,” Boilos said.

“You call that well Father? Cruor nearly killed me.”

“Ha. Ha. He won’t kill you.”

“So say you.”

Boilos took his daughter’s hands into his, looked at them, and then into her eyes.

“The Goddess wants to meet with you.”

“Why? What didn’t I do this time?”

“She wouldn’t share her purpose with me, but I’m guessing she wants you to be in attendance at the Bereft of Life Festival in the Zaylen Realm.”

Kalera removes her hands from his and walked toward a window gazing out.

“I had plans in the coming lights. Neither included attending a human festival.”

“When they call, we act.”

“We act. How old am I Father?”

“You know I can’t answer that.”

“Right. You can’t because we are everlasting beings who exist, not live. I’m tired of just existing. Of having all this power and for what? We’re nothing more than sheep.”

“We have the freedom to choose.”

“Do we? The mortals make more choices than we ever will.”

Boilos sighs and nears Kalera thinking of what might make her feel better.

“Visit the gardens today. You’re missed there.”

She gazed upon flowers of multiple spectrums. The onyx soil glistened as spuds seeped through the dirt. Coils chirped as they awaited their mother’s meals, but some won’t return for they were made meals themselves by the dragons.

Mother Coils unlucky enough to succumb to their injuries right away had fallen into the leaf wasteland. Trees that were once bustling with life had grown weak for their dependence on humans who neglected them. Ta’l’s wasteland of the garden is where Kalera’s mother’s body lies. Queen Palera’s final resting place.

It had been many blue moons, so maybe her father was right. Maybe she should visit the gardens. The place where mother chose to betray her immortality for a mortal cause.

Palera betrayed the Goddess Rose and the Morphs because she fell in love with a human who contorted her with his wiles. Regardless, she was still Kalera’s mother and Kalera loved her so perhaps it was time for forgiveness.

Without another word, Boilos opened a portal, their transportation device, and beaconed Kalera to walk inside. She closed her eyes and entered.

Exiting the portal, she opened her eyes to her mother’s tomb and a statue that commemorated her final ride on her dragon Brogo.

Kalera’s memory of her mother before her fall was faint. She remembered her teachings on how to care for dragon eggs and how to bond mentally and physically with them once they hatched. Though the bonding didn’t take much. The hatchlings were intelligent. They knew who their protectors were. One look is all it took to bond the great beast as they matured into full grown dragons. With maturity came their ability to communicate and see the Morphs through telepathy and afterimage. Dragons are the only creations by the Gods with the ability to see, hear, and communicate with Morphs who are cloaked from the realm by the veil though they exist in it.

She remembered the sweet sounds of the lullaby her mother would sing. Beyond that, only her betrayal and death.

How could you have been so consumed by a mortal? Was Father not enough?

“I’m sorry I haven’t visited you. I need you now more than ever,” Kalera whispers. “I wish you were here. I wish your choices were different. I wish I knew why. Father won’t admit it, but he’s lost without you. The humans continue to deplete the lands. The Goddess will activate us soon, I’m sure of it. We will shed their blood. I don’t like them, but I don’t hate them. I envy them. Why did you choose them?”

The trees swayed back and forth then the dead leaves surrounded her and the spectrum sky darkened. Thunder roared then a lightning bolt struck the ground opening it. A bright light illuminates the garden and then disappears. Standing in the distance was the Goddess Rose.

She paced in a perfect circle several times before approaching Kalera.

“Your mother loved you more than anything. She was my greatest creation. The first Morph. She was perfect and without thought or question, she did any and everything for me. She was the vacuum for the specks my brothers and sisters called their best creations. You see I didn’t agree with human life. I knew their experiment would fail. When it did, they came to me for help. I told them to destroy the humans but they wouldn’t. Their egos were more important. You know the rest of the story.”

“Do I?”

“You know what’s important. I know you didn’t expect a visit, but I couldn’t wait any longer. A Shellion has made a discovery. She harvested a mineral from a sacred stone. Now, the amount was minuscule, but it was enough for her to replicate. Now, she plans to use her new magic during the Bereft of Life Festival. She will raise the dead. I need you to kill her and retrieve the mineral.”

“This sounds like a task for my father. Why are you sending me?”

“It’s time for you to prove you have what it takes to lead. The Morph generals will only follow you if they no longer see you as a child in training. They must trust and obey you.”

“You haven’t told my father. Why?”

“Your powers are in tune with your core. You don’t miss anything. No. I haven’t. This is your chance to prove your valor.”

“Then prove my valor, I shall. The Elemento dragons and I will leave at once.”

“Not the Elemento dragons. You will ride Cruor.”

“Cruor is a monster. He doesn’t listen to me. He’s not bonded to me. Why would I take him?”

“The Shellions once had direct links to us. They know us better than any other living human. They know the dragons. Cruor is an anomaly to them. He may look like a dragon, but as you know he’s very different. The Shellions won’t expect him. I expect you to break the veil by sunrise.”

“As you wish my master.”

Kalera could have argued more trying to get her point across but to what end?

After the Goddess took her leave, Kalera said her goodbyes to her mother with a promise to visit more often.

She opened a portal to the celestial meeting chamber to find her father and his generals. He dismisses them before she could make any inquiries.

“You had dinner without me,” Kalara said.

“Surely you care nothing for the feast, only the council,” Boilos said.

“This is why they see me as nothing more than a child at play. You don’t trust me.”

“I trust you above all else, even the Gods.”

“Then why do you meet in secret?”

“I want to protect and guide you as long as I can.”

“Protect me. I’m a Morph as you are.”

“Yes, but you were born, not created. You’re different.”

“I would rather you just say weakly.”


“Father one day you will take your place in the lastingness. When you do, I will be the last royal Morph. If the generals don’t trust me they will never follow me.

Boilos opened a portal and out walked Cruor. The black dragon with blood eyes approached the king, bent his long neck downwards until their eyes met. They bumped foreheads, a dragon’s sign of respect. Lifting his head, he looked toward Kalera and snarled.

“Cruor. She’s my daughter remember,” Boilos said.

“Father. I have a mission,” She yelled over Cruor’s obnoxious breathing.

“Which dragon will escort you?”

“You don’t wish to know what I’m to do?”

“I know more than you think.”

“Hum. Cruor. Cruor is to escort me.”

Cruor looked to Boilos and leaned his head right and then left.

“We can’t communicate so I’m not sure how this will work. Plus he hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you. He’s just a little jealous. Come.”

Boilos and Kalera walked into the grand hall of knowledge. The room is a library of the Gods. All the histories were written by their hands inscribed upon the pages of the infinity books lining the pearl white shelves suspended in the air underneath giant crystal chandeliers.

Boilos whispers the word Shellion and five ruby books float down to the golden table. The books are thick and Kalera has a short window of time to learn as much as she can about their kind. Boilos is quite familiar with the Shellions, but he allows his daughter to use her afterimage power to see them for herself.

She smiles at her father and gets to work absorbing as much knowledge as she could about them. With little time left, she decides to say goodbye to her Elemento dragons.


“I don’t understand why we must stay behind,” Drake said with a mouth full of crees.”

“The Goddess doesn’t want to see any of you hurt. The Shellions are cunning humans.”

“I don’t trust Cruor.” Drake said.

“I agree with Drake, and I don’t wish to be the only female around here again,” Farion said.

“Cruor will protect me. Don’t you worry, I will be back soon enough.”

“You’re powerless for the first two moons after the veil closes. Without a bond, how will he protect you?” Drake said.

“Leave that to me,” Boilos said as he and Cruor exited a portal.

“I knew I would find you here,” He said.

“I had to say goodbye,” Kalera said.

“I had something made for you. This is a temp seal. It will allow you to communicate with Cruor while you’re in the realm.”

Cruor opened his mouth blowing on the seal in the palm of Boilos’ hand. It illuminated then Boilos lifted his hand to the back of Kalera’s head where the seal sticks like glue and then absorbs into her scalp.

She felt a slight sting, but she could hear Cruor inside her head as the sun peaked over the horizon. Kalera hugged her father, bumped heads with all four Elementos, and then mounted Cruor. She spoke the words of the Upar tongue when Cruor took to the sky. He only had moments then the veil would close. Once parallel with the sun a blue light appeared and then disappeared. Below the clouds, Kalera gazes at the wall of Zaylen.

I hope you enjoyed chapter 1. Comment your thoughts in the comment section. What are your likes/dislikes?


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