Hi! Welcome to Realm of Writes and Welcome to the Bookshelf page of the blog. Here, you will find all the books written by Aundriel Washington (that’s me!) so far. Be sure to check back periodically for new titles.

Palera Dawn: Book One in the Epic Fantasy Novel Series

To escape an existence of inner darkness, she must fight alongside a dragon in a magical other world… Kalera doesn’t think life is worth living. After years of self-loathing, her mother’s overdose pushes her past the edge, into attempted suicide and electro-convulsion therapy. But when she wakes, she’s shocked to find herself in a surreal land ruled by a vicious tyrant who wields evil sorcery. Infuriated by the inhabitants’ enslavement, she teams with her real-life boyfriend’s doppelgänger to battle oppression. And when she discovers she’s descended from the rightful rulers and a mother of dragons, she vows to take back the realm. But the kingdom’s only hope may rest with a strange stone that burns everyone but her… Can Kalera break her people’s chains and realize her destiny as savior? Palera Dawn is the captivating first book in The Dawn Series of fantasy novels. If you like legendary dragons, thrilling new worlds, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love A.H. Washington’s spectacular adventure. Buy Palera Dawn to watch a young woman embrace her legacy today!

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The Journey Continues: Dawn of The Dragon: Book Two

The protector of dragons is stuck in another realm. Can she uncover a way back before both her worlds are destroyed?

Kalera found a dimension where her heart belongs. So when she’s thrown back into modern day New Orleans and into a dangerous standoff, she’s desperate to find a way back home. Because if she doesn’t, an evil tyrant could gain control of everything she holds dear—including four precious dragon eggs…

After temporarily wiping the cops minds, Kalera and her friends chase down clues in hopes of locating an ancient portal. But with her worst enemy on the march and the spell in danger of fading any minute—she fears failing to locate the gateway may unleash a chain reaction of destruction across all dimensions.

Can Kalera find a way to reclaim her world and defeat a powerful foe?

Dawn of the Dragon is the second captivating book in the Dawn epic fantasy series. If you like dark action, determined heroines, and mythical lands, then you’ll love A.H. Washington’s breathtaking tale.

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