Childhood Binge: The Last Unicorn

Image by Geekify Inc. I love reading and writing about mythological creatures on Fridays. Well today, I am going back to my childhood and pulling out one of my favorite movies I watched over and over, The Last Unicorn. The Last Unicorn was released in 1982 as an animated film starring Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, … Continue reading Childhood Binge: The Last Unicorn

Your Creature Animal

Image by Gedomenas Who is ready for Dawn of the Dragon? I know I am and I'm excited for you all to read it. remember, if you haven't yet and you've read Palera Dawn, please leave a review on @amazon Here's the question of the day: what is a creature/animal that is real that you … Continue reading Your Creature Animal

A Blast From the Past Wednesday: The Neverending Story Good evening Dawnies, I must say one of my favorite 80's films was The Neverending Story. I first viewed it at eight years old after my mother died. The story, believe it or not, helped me as a motherless child to smile during unbearable grief. Falkor was my favorite character. In fact, my first … Continue reading A Blast From the Past Wednesday: The Neverending Story