The Strength of a Dragon:

Image Art By Strength is more than physical. It's mental and emotional. Dragons have brute force but they are also very cunning. We are all strong, Dawnies. You don't need claws or muscles to prove it as I once thought. Choose who you are even in the most difficult times. Those times define us. … Continue reading The Strength of a Dragon:

Advertisement Update

Art is Dragon's Castle by KlausPillon on @DeviantArt Paleradawn. com has officially been updated!! Head on over and check it out. Also... go to the contact page and become an official Dawnie. I will have little freebies and monthly emails for all to take part in!! Freebies: Electronic Copy of Palera Dawn Short Story Fantasy … Continue reading Update

Excerpt 4: Dawn of the Dragon

Dawnies, welcome to another episode of excerpts. For in order drafts, check me out on Wattpad! Don't forget to make suggestions, and remember to take John Dufresne's words to heart. My eyes lower as my muscles stiffen, and butterflies fill me. Trembling as I turn the key to unlock Kalera's door, waiting for Musfall to … Continue reading Excerpt 4: Dawn of the Dragon