Shananigans Are Here!!!!

Zaylen Realm Hello, Dawnies. I am so excited to announce the Prelaunch Shenanigans for Dawn of The Dragon. Below you will find the schedule for next week. Prelaunch Shenanigans Schedule: Saturday, July 25, 2020: Welcome video/Download Freebie Note: In order to receive download freebies, you must signup for the email subscription. Monday, July 27, … Continue reading Shananigans Are Here!!!!


Chapter 7: From The Ashes: Dawn of The Dragon

Check out the draft from chapter 7 below. Read beyond for updates! Free-falling from the sky like a bird without wings.¬†Roarrrrrrrrr. The massive dragon screams in agony. Kalera looks down to see two arrows in her lower torso. Blood is flowing from Xavgon as if his scaled armor had been pierced by a bolt thrower. … Continue reading Chapter 7: From The Ashes: Dawn of The Dragon

Excerpt 5: Dawn of the Dragon

I do not own the rights to this image. Dawnies, I hope you enjoy the fifth excerpt. As drafts are being compiled, I am hoping for feedback. Like and comment suggestions. Remember to become an official Dawnie by clicking on contact on my website below. Deeper into the forest we advance as I begin … Continue reading Excerpt 5: Dawn of the Dragon

Excerpt 4: Dawn of the Dragon

Dawnies, welcome to another episode of excerpts. For in order drafts, check me out on Wattpad! Don't forget to make suggestions, and remember to take John Dufresne's words to heart. My eyes lower as my muscles stiffen, and butterflies fill me. Trembling as I turn the key to unlock Kalera's door, waiting for Musfall to … Continue reading Excerpt 4: Dawn of the Dragon