Excerpt Three: Dawn of the Dragon

Dawnies, as a reminder, the excerpts are not in any particular order. To keep up with the draft as it is written, follow me on Wattpad. https://www.wattpad.com/user/AundrielWashington Blooded knuckles landed on my face once more. I wasn’t sure of the time, but I commanded my son to leave me after the second moon. Pound, pound, … Continue reading Excerpt Three: Dawn of the Dragon

Creative Tuesday: Excerpt Two: Dawn of the Dragon

Leave comments! Image by USA Today Glaring up at the steeples reminds me of her. My mother would come here to clear her mind when she was clean. She lit candles to our ancestors and prayed. What she asked of God, I will never know, but she believed and many of her beliefs are hoarded … Continue reading Creative Tuesday: Excerpt Two: Dawn of the Dragon

Publishing Advice Monday: Book Descriptions

Image By Martijn Scheiljbeler Dawnies, Welcome to another great Monday! This journey as an indie author at times can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there and so many people telling us to click here and there. Having a place to go to get simple advice is what I am all about. So, … Continue reading Publishing Advice Monday: Book Descriptions