The Strength of a Dragon:

Image Art By Strength is more than physical. It's mental and emotional. Dragons have brute force but they are also very cunning. We are all strong, Dawnies. You don't need claws or muscles to prove it as I once thought. Choose who you are even in the most difficult times. Those times define us. … Continue reading The Strength of a Dragon:

Your Creature Animal

Image by Gedomenas Who is ready for Dawn of the Dragon? I know I am and I'm excited for you all to read it. remember, if you haven't yet and you've read Palera Dawn, please leave a review on @amazon Here's the question of the day: what is a creature/animal that is real that you … Continue reading Your Creature Animal

Mythological Feature Creature Friday: Dragons

Image by Thought Hello Dawnies, It has been a very long week. As some of you may know, I am a Special Education teacher by day. I work with students who have learning disabilities, autism, and emotional behavior disorders. This week has been the week to prepare for next week when school begins on … Continue reading Mythological Feature Creature Friday: Dragons

Mythological Feature Creature Friday

Image by Pottermore Dawnies, I have had an exciting week mapping out a daily shareable. After speaking to a friend, a decision has been made. Fridays will be devoted to mythological creatures. Talk about buzz. I have been buzzing all day. Today, my friends are mythological creatures feature Friday! We will begin with one of my … Continue reading Mythological Feature Creature Friday