Writing Out Loud: A Simple Elementary Strategy

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Writing has not always come naturally to me. Battles with depression and grief oftentimes depleted my cup. At times, when my cup is filled, I go through similar downs like everyone else (writer's block and syntax). Syntax stands out because the flow of our writing matters just as much … Continue reading Writing Out Loud: A Simple Elementary Strategy

Excerpt 5: Dawn of the Dragon

I do not own the rights to this image. Dawnies, I hope you enjoy the fifth excerpt. As drafts are being compiled, I am hoping for feedback. Like and comment suggestions. Remember to become an official Dawnie by clicking on contact on my website below. http://www.paleradawn.com Deeper into the forest we advance as I begin … Continue reading Excerpt 5: Dawn of the Dragon

www.paleradawn.com Update

Art is Dragon's Castle by KlausPillon on @DeviantArt Paleradawn. com has officially been updated!! Head on over and check it out. Also... go to the contact page and become an official Dawnie. I will have little freebies and monthly emails for all to take part in!! Freebies: Electronic Copy of Palera Dawn Short Story Fantasy … Continue reading www.paleradawn.com Update