Publishing Advice Monday: Plot Points

Image by Reedsy Dawnies, Welcome to Publishing Advice Mondays. Again, publishing advice is meant to give you a place to find summarized information about all things publishing (including what publishers are looking for). Today, we are going to go over story structure beginning with plot points. The first plot point should show up around the … Continue reading Publishing Advice Monday: Plot Points

Creative Tuesday: Excerpt From The Prologue and Chapter 1: Dawn of the Dragon

Image by Kevin Dawnies, Welcome to Creative Tuesday! I am very excited to share an excerpt from the second book in The Dawn Series (Dawn of the Dragon). I have two reasons for sharing. First, this comes directly from my creative mind. Secondly, I want feedback. Like it, but also tell me what you think … Continue reading Creative Tuesday: Excerpt From The Prologue and Chapter 1: Dawn of the Dragon

Publishing Advice Monday: Book Descriptions

Image By Martijn Scheiljbeler Dawnies, Welcome to another great Monday! This journey as an indie author at times can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there and so many people telling us to click here and there. Having a place to go to get simple advice is what I am all about. So, … Continue reading Publishing Advice Monday: Book Descriptions

Mythological Feature Creature Friday

Image by Pottermore Dawnies, I have had an exciting week mapping out a daily shareable. After speaking to a friend, a decision has been made. Fridays will be devoted to mythological creatures. Talk about buzz. I have been buzzing all day. Today, my friends are mythological creatures feature Friday! We will begin with one of my … Continue reading Mythological Feature Creature Friday